We need a Door Number Three for IT professionals

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Cringely says, We need a Door Number Three for IT professionals:

I have a friend of 20 years who is in a key technical role at a very large company. He’s too vital to the company to risk losing but too geeky to fit in. He’s on the craft (non-management) salary scale, but way higher than he ought to be for having no direct responsibility. All he does, in fact, is from time to time save his company from ruin. And even more rarely, he saves all the rest of us from ruin, too, in ways I am not at liberty to explain. How do you manage such a guy? Where he works they have him report to the CEO. The Big Guy has 5-6 direct reports and one of them — my friend — doesn’t manage anyone or anything.

THAT’S Door Number Three.

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