Markov and Paul Graham Parodies

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Jeff Atwood fed the text of the last twelve Paul Graham essays into an online Markov generator, using two word groupings — what Bentley refers to as “Order-2″ — and got this back:

You can feel the need to take advantage of increased cheapness, however. You’re not all playing a zero-sum game. There’s not some fixed number of startups; we fund startups we fund to work on matters of passing importance. But I’m uncomfortably aware that this is part of any illusions about the problem of overeating by stopping eating. I couldn’t simply avoid the Internet had become, because the company is the new trend of worrying obsessively about what it meant for someone, usually an outsider, who deliberately stirred up fights in a startup than just start it. You know how the A List is selected. And even that is more work.

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