Jonathan Ross ‘In Search of Steve Ditko’

Monday, September 24th, 2007

BBC4′s Jonathan Ross ‘In Search of Steve Ditko’ is up on YouTube — at least for now — and, if you ask me, it really gets going in part 3:

Ditko is best known for co-creating Spiderman with Stan Lee; Ditko was the artist, Lee the writer. Ditko is also known for creating Dr. Strange, the master of the mystic arts, who travels via astral projection through psychedelic tableaux — which led liberal hippy fans to embrace the politically conservative Ditko as a Leary-like guru.

Where things get particularly odd is when Ditko leaves Marvel to create independent comics featuring his own crazy brand of Rand’s Objectivism. The Question is a bit odd, but Mr. A? Wow.

I’ve been meaning to pick up Marvel Visionaries: Steve Ditko for some time now. I suppose I should really pick up the 1088-page Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus, which includes the entire Ditko run. It’s a shame that the Essential Doctor Strange doesn’t come in color.

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