Wakandan Vibranium

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

I can’t believe that Colbert actually referenced Wakandan Vibranium. His geek-fu is strong.

Marvel‘s Joe Quesada is involved:

“I must confess that I am the culprit,” states Quesada. After reading Cap’s Last Will and Testament, I quickly snuck out of the Marvel’s offices with the shield. As so many of you know, Steve Rogers was a humble man and wanted his last remaining wishes to be carried out as privately as possible.

“After a small “transfer of power” ceremony occurring on the Avenger’s Quinjet, followed by several intense hours of introspection and deliberation with Mr. Colbert, we both felt it would be best to make a public statement of his inheriting the shield. Not as way of raising Mr. Colbert’s status even further (How is that even possible?), nor as a cheap ratings stunt, but rather to let evildoers across the globe know that even with Cap’s demise, there is no still place for them to hide. A clear message had to be sent that the mantle had been passed and that the Marvel Universe has gained a new (Colbert) Nation and remains secure.”

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