Entrepreneurial Deathtraps

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Back in 1996, Frederick Beste of Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds gave a talk on Entrepreneurial Deathtraps:

  1. 50-50 Partnership
  2. Three Musketeers
  3. One or Two Customer Overreliance
  4. “Mousetrap” Teams
  5. Inadequate Pricing
  6. Insufficient Start-Up Capital
  7. Failure to Look at the Downside
  8. Failure to Look at Industry Norms
  9. Lack of Focus
  10. Bringing on the Vulture
  11. First Class from the Start
  12. Inappropriate Distribution Path to Market
  13. Emotional Litigation
  14. Product Never “Ready” for Market
  15. Low Barrier to Entry Growth Industry
  16. Inadequate Market Research
  17. Failure to Segment Market
  18. No Reason for Customer to Change
  19. Payback Can’t Be Calculated
  20. Failure to Admit a Mistake
  21. Step Function Growth
  22. Betting the Ranch
  23. Ignoring the Handwriting on the Wall
  24. Spiraling Costs
  25. Silliness Phase

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