Fort Hood Shooting Findings

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Weapons Man looks at five shootings from the last five or so years, starting with the Fort Hood Shooting of November 2009:

A radicalized, fundamentalist Moslem carried out the highest sacrament of his faith: mass murder. He was known to all as a supporter of jihad, but no one did anything before his crimes, because an Islamic bean is a pearl beyond price, at least to the beancounters in Army personnel.

As he murdered one unarmed victim after another, at least three brave attempts to charge him barehanded brought a soldier a hero’s death, and a fourth resulted in the soldier receiving crippling wounds. He was finally stopped when armed police officers responded to a 911 call, and shot and critically wounded him. Until he was incapacitated by gunfire, he never stopped killing.

The media, being the media, praised the lady cop that the assailant wounded and disabled, and more or less ignored the male cop who actually stopped him. Amazon narrative, you know.

The Army resisted external investigation, and senior Army officers announced that his faith-driven disloyalty was not on the table in the investigation:  while a few dozen dead and wounded soldiers was kind-of, sort-of a tragedy, it would really be bad if it undermined our blind adherence to the shibboleths of “diversity,” Army Chief of Staff General George M. Casey explained.

Nothing was done to allow the soldiers to protect themselves. Casey and his successors, and the Secretaries of Defense they reported to, have chosen to punish the victims instead. They excluded the survivors from VA combat-vet benefits, and forbade them from receiving the Purple Heart Medal, which has been awarded to victims of terrorism routinely since 1986 — except for these ones.

In addition to alarming his chain of command in the Army steadily since 2005, Hasan had come to FBI’s attention, and that of the Defense Criminal Investigations Service, and they did nothing much at the time. The mad moslem murderer’s communications were intercepted and briefly reviewed in 2008, but the FBI moved on to higher priority intercept targets, like you. Hasan’s Army commanders, the FBI, and the DCIS all dropped their investigations because he was a radical moslem.

Lessons learned:

  • A violent shooter can cause considerable trouble before police can arrive and stop him.
  • The incident ended, as usual, abruptly. This occurred when deadly force was applied effectively against the shooter, by the second police officer to arrive.
  • Until then, no one was present but victims, who died because they had no effective means of self-defense.
  • Even soldiers, if unarmed, have trouble dealing with a violent and armed terrorist.
  • If you’re wounded, the Army will have your back unless it threatens diversity mythmaking. In that case, KMAGYOYO.
  • When we sacrificed privacy to get security through FBI/NSA domestic spying, the privacy went but the security is still an unfulfilled promise.

Gun Free Victim Disarmament Zone body count:  13. Wound count: 32.


  1. Toddy Cat says:

    Utterly repulsive. Heads should roll over the disgraceful treatment of the heroes and victims of this atrocity. This army does not deserve the loyalty and bravery of its soldiers. If I had a son, I would think long and hard about letting him join the kind of military we have today.

  2. Barnabas says:

    Over my dead body would one of my kids risk his life to bring liberal arts degrees and abortions to the women of Iraq or gay pride parades to the Crimea.

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