Back the Imperial Forces

Friday, August 1st, 2014

The Star Wars: Rebels team has produced these delightful propaganda posters:

Star Wars Rebels Propaganda Poster 05

Star Wars Rebels Propaganda Poster 03

Star Wars Rebels Propaganda Poster 02

Star Wars Rebels Propaganda Poster 01


  1. These are neat from a sort of comedic, self-referential angle, and the art is good, but I’d be interested in seeing similar posters that attempted to portray the kind of images the Empire would actually use. That is: helmets off, eyes visible, some emotional appeals to avenge the deaths of innocent imperials in Rebel “terrorist” attacks, etc. There’s plenty of real-life posters that could be used as inspiration.

  2. Isegoria says:

    I did a quick image-search on “German propaganda posters”, and, perhaps surprisingly, plenty of them showed German soldiers with helmets on, eyes invisible (in shadows), etc. That was only one genre of poster though. Many showed cute German girls or children or hideous caricatures of Jews or of black jazz musicians. This “Bolshevism brings war” poster practically begs to be Wookiee-fied though.

  3. William Newman says:

    Yes, it seems to me I have seen some modern military recruiting stuff (certainly not all) that appealed to a sort of anonymous collective badassery aesthetic, things like a bunch of similar-looking dudes deploying out of a vehicle in the kind of shot that doesn’t let you identify them. I can’t remember anything like that ever for a nonmilitary organization, though, and I am having trouble imagining a private company that would choose to do it for employment ads. (I can half imagine it for some kinds of product ads, especially as a way to imply enormous numbers for reliability-oriented ads: e.g., some sort of enormous faceless tide of humans using a billion AA-cell batteries in a zillion ways, every single one of which works 100% of the time.)

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