Eigenmorality and the Dark Enlightenment

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Jon Evans (@rezendi) has written a laughably bad mischaracterization of the so-called Dark Enlightenment, identifying it with Stormfront, the white-supremacist hate site — which Mencius Moldbug routinely mocks — and fascism in general.

He mentions, but doesn’t address, the point that “liberal progressivism is seen as a state religion” within the quasi-movement, when, really, that’s the point. Before modern social democracy won the culture war, many erudite critics argued against it. Those arguments have been flushed down the memory hole. Anyone who tries to dredge them back up is publicly scorned — as a heretic, only we don’t use that word, since our quasi-state religion is explicitly atheistic, if tolerant of benign theism.

It doesn’t help the cause, of course, that many of its members are in it largely for the fine trolling material.


  1. Steve Johnson says:

    Circa 99% of the time this is a very good thing. The other 1%, though, gives us communities like “The Red Pill,” the misogynist hate site which became infamous after Elliot Rodger’s killing spree in Santa Barbara earlier this year.

    I like this one. It’s so easily seen as contrary to reality.

    Elliot Rodgers was a member of “puahate” — a site dedicated to claiming that the “red pill” is a lie. Elliot Rodgers was fanatically dedicated to the idea that women and men aren’t different.

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