Learned Nothing and Forgotten Nothing

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Today’s feminist articles are churned out out by kids who can’t remember the 1970s, Steve Sailer notes, so they’re near clones of the feminist articles he read in Ms. Magazine in 1973:

Granted, these articles about how little boys on average really want to play with baby dolls as much as little girls and little girls want to play with toy guns as much as little boys didn’t seem all that persuasive to me when I was 14.

But when I read them over 40 years ago, they were at least fairly novel. And a massive social experiment was then going on in which true-believing young parents were trying to impose feminist theories of childrearing on their newborns.

The results of this massive 1970s experiment came in long, long ago: Gender-neutral childrearing turned out to be highly ineffectual because it was immensely unpopular with its subjects. Little boys and little girls whined and nagged and threw temper tantrums until their feminist parents broke down and gave them the incredibly sexist toys they insisted upon.

In fact, the opposite happened of what feminists predicted in 1969. As society got richer and more choices became available, little kids’ toy and media choices diverged even more along lines of sex. Instead of boys and girls both getting oranges for Christmas and being thankful they weren’t lumps of coal, little girls demanded Polly Pocket Fairy Wishing Worlds and boys insisted upon massive fantasy weapons.

But, feminist theory never learns from its failures.

As Talleyrand said about the Bourbon dynasty restored in France in 1815, the same is true about today’s feminists: “they had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.”


  1. CMOT says:

    Many of these articles are written by straight males — the Gays I know don’t want to talk much about playing or not playing with girl toys as kids. So what are these straight men after? Do they think that high status women who would not otherwise notice them will be attracted to them?

    The story behind these stories is what intrigues me…

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