Apology Tweets

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Patton Oswalt is trolling Twitter by apologizing for offensive “deleted” tweets that he never sent in the first place:

  • Oops. Just deleted my last Tweet. & would like to apologize to seniors & sufferers of Lyme disease. I was out of bounds.
  • Yikes. Had to delete another Tweet. I crossed a line on that one. Also, I thought 12 YEARS A SLAVE and THE BUTLER were brilliant.
  • PLEASE disregard last Tweet. Already deleted. Transphobia is hurtful, and I’m a big fan of HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH.
  • Forgive me. Previous Tweet deleted. Sorry. Yes, we all know what “grape”, “ape”, “tape” & “cape” rhyme with. I’m an asshole.
  • Previous Tweet very hurtful. Already deleted. @KimKardashian & @JoeBiden are national treasures. As are our Native American friends.
  • Another Tweet deleted. I apologize. That one was just mean. Go ahead & block me, @AnthonyCumia & @thelindywest. #tolerance
  • The FUCK is wrong with me? Last Tweet deleted. The victims of the Holocaust deserve our highest respect, not penis limericks.

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