Why Charity is Evil

Friday, July 6th, 2012

James Lafond explains why charity is evil:

Charity serves one purpose and one purpose only: to make the giver feel good about themselves. The nobility of medieval Europe admitted that this was the case, so intentionally took no steps to improve the lot of the poor. After all if there were no poor to beg than what opportunities would be left for the nobility to pave their way to heaven? Most Moslems were too far away to conveniently kill. There weren’t enough intellectually inclined people to be labeled as heretics and hunted down in local crusades. And the Jews just seemed to be getting scarcer all the time. So, with so few readily available victims to be slain for God, charity was the default option into heaven.

Now, that might seem awful to you. But really, at least medieval man-butcher philanthropists were honest. Modern charity-givers would actually have us believe that they are doing it for those they give to; even espousing the cause of elevating the poor to their own level. The fact is people give to charity and to the punk skipping school and heading out to score some weed, for the same reason why good looking people like to have sex with the lights on, because it makes them feel good about themselves.

This modern combination of giving to the poor and also telling them that it is their right not to be poor, while making no demands on them, has cultivated a culture of intimidation. You see, ancient peasants knew that accepting charity confirmed their inferior status. The bums of the modern world know no such thing.

As a Darwinist, with full knowledge that charity is evil and that giving is nothing more than an attempt by the giver to either find comfort in submitting to mild aggression or feel good about giving, I accept that all who are willing to so give and so submit deserve to be preyed upon. These heaven-bound people have self-selected themselves as prey items on the earthly social menu. I suppose martyrdom, even of this anemic variety, does have its appeal.

Just remember that if you have decided to play such a minor league martyr than you have consigned some of those who are weaker than yourself to intimidation and the entire spectrum of violent crime that grows in its fertile soil.


  1. Rebekah says:

    What if sometimes the poor do get a good start in life through charity?

    Am I the only such example? As a child I had no other choice but to accept what was given to me and I’m glad I didn’t let pride step in the way. I am now an adult physician and without such help, I couldn’t even attend medical school, not to mention pay for my own medical expenses.

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