Making Each Shot Count

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

John Plaster (The Ultimate Sniper) shares a little story about making each shot count:

Many years ago, while training Southeast Asian mercenaries, I’d challenge a student to assume his sexiest “assault” stance and riddle a nearby silhouette with full-auto fire.

Gleefully, he’d tuck his M16 or AK-47 beneath his armpit and, “brt-t-t-t-t-t-t,” 30 rounds would rip through the air — but go only God knows where.

The amazed students, upon examining the intact silhouette, could see that, despite sound and smoke, a lot of bullets carelessly sprayed will hit nothing. My point exactly.

Indeed, semi-auto fire is more likely to hit than full-auto. Of course, as a sniper trainer, Plaster takes it even further:

A sniper does not fire patterns or groups or average shots. He fires one shot over and over, and develops certain one-shot habits during practice fire that will carry over to real-world shooting.

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