How to miss the target

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Frank Clarke takes aim at the Mumbai police — at their training, really — as he explains how to miss the target:

This British Para has the back sight on his rifle set for 300m battle zero. See it sticking up? Good thing, with all that terrorism going on. Somebody trained him to do that, and he cares enough to check.

The Mumbai police have the same rifle, click to enlarge. People are dying, every back sight is folded down for storage.

Nobody cared enough to train these people, and they don’t even have the smarts to look through their own sights to see something is wrong. The guy above has had all day to work it out, and he’s one of the experienced officers, presumably.

Can you find a picture from Google search with a Mumbai police officer with an L1A1 rifle with the sight folded up? Good luck. 1: They haven’t been issued with ammunition (no spare mags). 2. They don’t know enough to fold the sight up for the cameras to pretend they care. You have to know how your sights work.

Addendum: The photos of the Mumbai police are from the day of the terrorist attack.

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