Happy Secession Day!

Sunday, July 4th, 2021

Once again, happy Secession Day:


  1. Public Banker says:

    Web of Debt, by Ellen Brown;
    The Lost Science of Money, by Stephen Zarlenga.

    Read either, or both, and you (and Moldbug) might learn some neglected stuff.

  2. Gavin Longmuir says:

    Better be careful! Resident Biden*’s handlers may see the word “secession” and think you are proposing walking away from the avaricious incompetence of Swamp micro-management. In the Land of the Free, that could get the author an eternity in solitary confinement.

    George Orwell was right about the importance of language. If some guys in South Sudan want to secede, it is called “independence”. If some punters in Catalonia decide they have had enough of misrule from Madrid, that is “separatism”.

    A happy Independence Day to one & all. And remember that people subjected themselves to real English bullets to achieve it.

  3. Bomag says:

    It is becoming Ironic Day as we clamor to be ruled by various sorts: tech titans; race agitators; trans-gendered; climate change mavens; the courts; etc.

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