They were 200 yards away and had rifles

Sunday, March 24th, 2019

Range is seldom important in a sub-gun, Dunlap notes, but sometimes it’s nice to have:

A guy I know ran into a couple of Japs on Luzon, while carrying a Thompson. They were 200 yards away and had rifles. The Japs got away and he got a bullet-hole through one of his best legs. He could shoot fair, too. But he did not have a gun to shoot 200 yards with, though he said he scared hell out of them.


  1. Adar says:

    At least in WW1 and WW2 most gun battles between infantry occurring at a range of 200 meters or so. So accuracy with weapon or shooting well aimed shots not so important. Rifles for the most part a secondary weapon to support the squad auto weapon.

    In Nam most gun battles at a range of 20 meters. So then intensity of fire was important. M-16 superior in this regard.

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