Why does a rabbit flash its white tail when its being chased?

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Some prey animals, like rabbits and deer, feature flashy white tails, because they confuse predators:

Because these white tails are very noticeable, predators focus on these bright spots — but at the expense of focusing on the larger animal. When a rabbit or deer executes an evasive maneuver, like a sharp turn, the spot suddenly disappears, causing the predator to readjust its focus on the camouflaged coat. This will cost it some vital time, giving the prey animal those precious added seconds to escape.

Rabbit with White Tail

And fascinatingly, Semmann tested his theory by having 24 humans play a video game in which they attempted to follow a virtual rabbit both with and without a flashing tail. As suspected, the presence of a tail significantly reduced their number of correct moves.


  1. Ross says:

    What’s good for the goose..er, rabbit is good for the gander:

    I guess this is why we the mainstream media organs attempt to marinate us with gay/abortion/race/weiner/slutmuffin celeb crap while the main body of action moves on to The Next War, Missing Trillions, What Leaking Reactor? et cetera.

    By the time we’ve barely recovered from seeing Miley Cyrus, Boom: we’re already done bombing Syria. Nothing to see here, go home folks.

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