Five Cheers For Monarchy

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Samo Burja gives five cheers for monarchy:

  1. Good enough You need not think it an ideal form of government, but if you look at it and conclude it is better than democracy and nearly anything else tried from time to time so far, why not advocate for it? We know it can be done with humans and can be stable.
  2. Simplicity Of the other proposed alternative forms of governments it is the one most easily accurately explained to nearly anyone.
  3. Agile experimentation Social experimentation is however useful, especially since the same solutions won’t work for all kinds of societies in all situations. East India Companies, Free Cities, sovereign religious orders are common in the history of Western monarchy.
  4. Responsible ideology crafting Historically transition from some kind of republic to military dictatorship is common. Rule by leader of victorious conquering army, has historically show successful transition to monarchy, as all dynasties where basically founded by them.
  5. Low Hanging Fruit It has been understudied by modern intellectuals who furthermore are biased against it. Modern game theory, cognitive science and even sociology unleashed on studying monarchy would reveal treasures, even if we eventually decide we don’t want to implement it.


  1. Sam says:

    Silliness abounds. The people talking Monarchy are upset with Democracy. We have a track record of a reasonably competent government structure that works: Limited-Franchise Republic. The same chattering nabobs who killed that are now harping for Kings. I’m not so sure people with crowns and guards with fuzzy hats will change our lives for the better. The evidence suggest not.

  2. VXXC says:

    Social Experimentation/Low Hanging Fruit indeed. What’s wrong, running out of students to exploit as debt slaves?

    The 5 cheerer has no stake in this nation or particular understanding of America. He sees Yugoslavia wherever he goes and will want to experiment with us as Mulligan for Yugoslavia.

    The Intellectual Class is dependent on government largesse and sees beloved Govt is bankrupt. The Monarch is to save the Government, not the Nation.



  3. Konkvistador says:

    VXXC, your hostility is disappointing. I’m not even suggesting this be done for the United States. If you have a non-Progressive case for limited franchise republics you will have to make it. Maybe spam Machiavelli quotes like Evola, but don’t just pretend that a case doesn’t have to be made.

    We don’t have an example of a limited franchise republic that lasted; they expanded it until they reached democracy or fell into tyranny. The exception to this, aristocratic republics such as that of Venice are something I take seriously, but see “back to the Constitution!” types basically completely ignore. Sad because the people who wrote the constitution didn’t.

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