When you have just humiliated the lone superpower, you deserve to celebrate the occasion

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Next month is the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Z Man reminds us:

This is an important date for the Taliban, as it is when they stepped onto the world stage. What better way to celebrate the platinum anniversary of that event than to raise the Taliban flag atop the U.S. embassy on 9/11? That may seem a bit spiteful, but when you have just humiliated the lone superpower, you deserve to celebrate the occasion.

For its part, the foreign policy establishment seems to be in a state of hysterical confusion over this. They assumed the military refused to bugger out of Afghanistan when Trump ordered the retreat because they hated Trump as much as the rest of the cloud people. After all, who does not hate Trump? Now that the evil orange man is gone, it was time to get out of Afghanistan. What could go wrong?

It turns out that the military knew it was a house of cards. After all, it was their job to build the thing. It was their job to create the civil institutions that would become the cultural production centers, crowding out the old culture. They trained the military to defend those new institutions. The Afghan military would be the new model army for the region, built on the same principles as the imperial army. Instead, it has collapsed.

In the dreaded private sector, this degree of failure would result in the termination of the senior staff and a bankruptcy reorganization. That assumes anyone would think there is something worth salvaging. Anything created by the stupid people responsible for Afghanistan should be suspect. That is not how things work in the ruling class. The best part of being a cloud person is you never are held responsible for your actions.

Instead, the military brass will point the finger at the civilian side. They will say their hands were tied over political concerns. If only they were free to drop even more ordnance on the villages dotting the countryside, they could have whipped that ragtag band of goatherds. Of course, this will be followed with new requests for cash, accompanied by cheers from conservatives hoping to become relevant again.


  1. Gavin Longmuir says:

    Zman: “When the Red Army was run out of Afghanistan in 1989, it was a body blow to the Soviet empire, which collapsed just two years later. The military was the last intuition the people respected, so when it was humiliated, the system was humiliated. The last pillar holding up communism broke, and the system collapsed.”

    The orderly withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan was certainly a slap in the face to the USSR. But what brought the USSR down was more prosaic — following the collapse of the oil price in the mid-1980s, the USSR could no longer pay its bills. It struggled on for a few years, but collapse was inevitable.

    That is the real parallel today to Biden’s Debacle. The USA is heavily dependent on manufactured imports, and relies on the willingness of exporters to accept freshly-printed IOUs in exchange. That willingness depends on a perception of a strong reliable USA. But in effect, we can’t meaningfully pay our bills either, just like the USSR.

    Incompetent Political Class, unable to pay its way in the world. It may take some time, but there is no doubt about where this track will end.

  2. Altitude Zero says:

    If you were immortal, it would drive you insane watching great powers make the same mistakes again and again and again…

  3. VXXC says:

    The only good option in Afghanistan was Timur’s [genocide].

  4. VXXC says:

    Kabul: Reinforcing a doomed airfield moves this from Saigon towards Dien Bien Phu, this is not alarmist, just the trend.

  5. Sam J. says:

    Altitude Zero says, “If you were immortal, it would drive you insane watching great powers make the same mistakes again and again and again…”

    That’s because it the same people with the exact same mental makeup that do this over and over. Over time all empires have psychopaths take over the top as they are only interested in power and dominating people but once they do most are completely incompetent. Sure they’re good at trampling over people but their interest don’t lie in actually making anything work.

    This has been going on forever. Remember Caligula and him making a horse a Senator?

    Guess who had the bright idea to get Athens to attack Syracuse, Alcibiades(they were ruined after this debacle). If that guy was not a psychopath then I don’t what is one. Here’s what Plutarch said about him.

    “…He had, as they say, one power which transcended all others, and proved an implement of his chase for men: that of assimilating and adapting himself to the pursuits and lives of others, thereby assuming more violent changes than the chameleon. That animal, however, as it is said, is utterly unable to assume one colour, namely, white; but Alcibiades could associate with good and bad alike, and found naught that he could not imitate and practice. 5 In Sparta, he was all for bodily training, simplicity of life, and severity of countenance; in Ionia, for p65 luxurious ease and pleasure; in Thrace, for drinking deep; in Thessaly, for riding hard; and when he was thrown with Tissaphernes the satrap, he outdid even Persian magnificence in his pomp and lavishness. It was not that he could so easily pass entirely from one manner of man to another, nor that he actually underwent in every case a change in his real character; but when he saw that his natural manners were likely to be annoying to his associates, he was quick to assume any counterfeit exterior which might in each case be suitable for them…”

    Right now the US is run by some of the most organ stealing, drug dealing, false flag operating, child molesting, murderous bunch that ever lived the Jews. And let’s not forget the Jews bought the WTC complex, replaced the security, warned Jews to get out before the plane hit and then had one of the buildings fall with the only support being air from a few fires on a few floors(impossible without demo) and their media all piled on and told to attack…the Jews enemies.

    What putzes we are. The whole top of our government are a bunch of blackmailed child raping(or at least so many it might as well be all)Jew tools.

  6. Obaid says:

    The most difficult task they will have is determining how to place the responsibility for this on Trump and his wicked followers, who attempted to destroy democracy. At the moment, it is the solution to all of the difficulties that the magnificent revolution from the top is experiencing. Team Biden made a great deal about taking responsibility for the Afghan withdrawal, so blaming Trump will be difficult. You may be certain that they are putting their finest transgender BIPOCs to work on the issue.

    Conservative Inc., who will take advantage of this humiliation as an opportunity to recover some importance, will provide their full support to this endeavor. They will claim that the Taliban was able to sweep into power because Biden is incompetent. If they were in control, we would be stuck in Afghanistan for the rest of our lives! Then they’ll wave a few little American flags and mutter something about September 11th, hoping that would sway the mouth breathers who lean toward voting Republican.

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