Extremists are like tribesmen out of an anthropology ethnography

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

Gwern sees John Carpenter’s 1988 film They Live as an entertainingly ironic backfire:

I enjoyed , and They Live was the next-most famous Carpenter movie.

They Live expresses the in a package justly made iconic by its thrifty but effective use of special effects: the protagonist flips between social consensus and a monochrome Art Deco-esque reality revealing 1984-like slogans painted everywhere by the secret alien masters of the world, which brainwash everyone (even though such priming ads , it at least makes a great metaphor). The pace is perhaps unnecessarily slow, and I had to wonder why a fist fight implausibly takes up several minutes—it’s a great fight, but it has little to do with the rest of the movie and requires the characters to act stupidly. The overall plot is reasonably straightforward and doesn’t need to invoke too much plot armor to explain how the aliens are defeated. I would not say it was as good as The Thing, but few movies are, and this was reasonably entertaining. They Live did give me some food for thought, however.

They Live takes pains to make clear its liberal credentials: if you somehow missed how Reaganism was responsible for everything bad in America and growing slums and homelessness, it shows an alien on TV giving Reaganesque speeches. ( for Carpenter’s hamartiology, it puts heavy stress on homelessness as criticism, and yet, where is homelessness the worst now in the USA? Those places Reagan is most hated, like the Bay Area. Another irony is that in depicting the 1980s, it reminded me chiefly of how poor 1980s America was in comparison to now, which can be seen in how crude and limited are many of the things then : it’s not just the aliens sporting advanced wristwatches which are little more than two-way radios, but also the shabbiness of cars, the terrible TVs everywhere, the limited selection in the grocery store he confronts the aliens in…)

But there’s something about this that began to bug me. Consider this 100% accurate description of They Live’s world-building:

“America, and the world as you know it, is not controlled by people like you—but by an alien race of invaders, parasites from far away, who have secretly wormed their way into our society and taken it over relatively recently. They hunger only for money, and have little genuine culture of their own, assimilating into yours to pass as one of us, despite their distinctly different (and often repulsive) facial appearance. They are few, but they are well-coordinated, highly intelligent, & technically adept and they occupy the heights of business, finance, politics, and media, from which they constantly beam out propaganda to delude the masses that threaten them, and which allows the parasites to execute their globalist free-trade agenda: to accelerate economic growth, homogenize the world under one government, drain us dry, discard the empty husk, and move on. Given enough strength of mind, some individuals can overcome the brainwashing, or they can use advanced new technology to learn the truth and see the world with moral clarity in black and white, for what it really is, and the coded commands from the aliens. Unfortunately, those of us who discover the truth, alerted by a , are either bought off by money & power (the aliens assume we are just as craven as they are, and are all too often right), suppressed as evil crazy ‘conspiracy theorists’ when our late-night broadcasts sometimes get through uncensored, or if they take action and try to defend us against the invaders, executed as ‘terrorists’. Organizations which resist are crushed, and infiltrated with traitors in the pay of the aliens. Their weakness is, however, they are cowardly, physically weak compared to our strapping working-class soldiers, and vastly outnumbered by the rest of us. If we can recruit enough ‘strong men’ and awaken the masses, we work together to defeat them and restore America to its former glory, and send the aliens back whence they came—the planet Zion!”

OK, OK, I made one change there: Carpenter doesn’t name any alien planets. But everything else sounds straight out of far-right fantasy: there’s even black sunglasses as the initiation instead of red pills. (Maybe the sequel can use fedoras?) I thought perhaps I was being silly, until I looked at the Wikipedia article and found that this is such a common interpretation of They Live & popular among neo-Nazis that Carpenter has angrily denied it!

Now, of course, I believe Carpenter when he says he didn’t have that in mind and only intended a critique of Reaganism. But the more interesting questions here would be: how could Carpenter make a film which is so naturally and so easily misread in neo-Nazi tropes to the point of making one wonder if Carpenter dictated the screenplay while clutching a copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in one hand & Mein Kampf in the other, without ever realizing it? And what does this blindness mean?

It looks to me like an example of ‘horseshoe theory’: the reason Carpenter’s They Live can be so misread is because extremists on both ends of the spectrum are more alike than they are different—embracing a paranoid conspiracy theory explanation of the world, merely playing Mad Libs with the labels. They Live, accidentally rather than deliberately, demonstrates the same thing as or : the flexibility of the paranoid style in enabling extremists to accommodate both anti-Reaganism & anti-Semitism is not a merit but discredit (much as discredits him).

Extremists are like tribesmen out of an anthropology ethnography: everything bad that happens is due to “witchcraft”; people never get sick because of chance or because some pork went bad, and if some are healthier or sick, richer or poorer, it definitely has nothing to do with individual differences, but malign trafficking with the ruinous powers. Once you postulate that all existing social ills can be explained by witchcraft, you will go looking for witches, preferably fellow tribals who aren’t as equal as others and should be taken down a notch in the interests of hardwired egalitarianism (pace Graeber), and whether those witches are Jews or capitalists or cishet white men, witches must be found and found witches will be. To fill the hole in the extremist worldview, by working backwards to ‘save the appearances’, they must have certain powers, they must be numerically minorities, they must be motivated by lurid impure things like money (surely we have more sacred values), and so on. And the result is that you try to create a critique of Reaganism, by depicting your paranoid worldview where Reaganites are the witches, but your witches’ allegorical coating happen to superficially resemble a different set of witches and hey presto, you accidentally created neo-Nazis’ favorite allegorical movie. Oops.

The problem here, such as it is, comes well before any specific choices by Carpenter to portray the aliens as ugly or as rich corporate executives…


  1. Morphy says:

    “Horseshoe Theory”, just another new shiny crimestop term to shunt us away from the icky dirty business of scrutinizing Jewish power.

  2. Graham says:

    I vaguely recall that film and some of the commentary on it. Fit right in with that weirdly paranoid leftist take on both Reaganism & Thatcherism, seen also in the comics of Frank Miller and Alan Moore and still dimly visible in the movie version of Watchmen decades later. Or in V for Vendetta.

    I cannot imagine a more amusing fate than for all of it to have become canon among the far right.

  3. Graham says:

    Also, I appreciate that oodles of tech has come onstream since the 1980s and all sorts of consumer stuff has been enabled since then- I was an early and persistent buyer on three Amazons, use all kinds of multimedia tools, etc. All good.

    It does make life easier, more fun, shinier in many ways and at the business end has piled up increased wealth. Still it’s hard to compare my life now as a middle class 40 something Canadian to the lives led by the same people in the 80s and look at them as “poor”, even in relative terms. How strongly does the absence of kit that hasn’t been invented yet constitute “poverty”, relative or otherwise, and when and how? I don’t exclude this approach, especially the longer the timeframe, but still.

    Especially grocery stores. The chain groceries in Canada and the US don’t seem to look all that different in terms of consumer food products. Maybe a little more variety in produce now. We didn’t routinely see dragonfruit, tamarillo, and so on in our markets 35 years ago.

    Maybe the store in the movie was a more downmarket market. There are still places like that.

  4. Kirk says:

    “I cannot imagine a more amusing fate than for all of it to have become canon among the far right.”

    Pause and think about it for a moment, Graham, and it will become crystalline-clear: Everything the Left projects as nightmare goals of the Right are things they themselves would do, were they in power.

    Remember, the Nazis were no more “Right-wing” than the Communists; it’s just that they were somewhat more to the right than the Communists were, and that was enough to get 90% of the political spectrum branded as “Nazi”, even if that doesn’t make a lick of sense. The only real differences between Communism and Nazism were that the Nazis were racial/nationalist and a little more open about who the nomenklatura were, which was the existing oligarchy (so long as they cooperated–More than a few industrialists wound up in the camps when they didn’t) that the Nazis co-opted and joined.

    Which is why every left-wing fantasy wank about what the right would do in power is actually a vision into what they would do, if they could.

  5. Sean says:

    Socialism and anti-capitalism in the 19th and early 20th century were almost universally anti-Semitic, so I think are possibly historical reasons for the tendency of the paranoid to infect both ‘sides’. Not, of course, to dismiss parallel evolution as contributing to it as well.

  6. CVLR says:

    Neither “left” nor “right” mean anything at all. There’s only “top” and “bottom”. And yeah, there’s a self-aware double entendre lurking in there. Two of them, actually.

    It’s a time-honored tradition, divide and rule.

    Will it ever stop working? probably not.

  7. Kirk says:

    “Socialism and anti-capitalism in the 19th and early 20th century were almost universally anti-Semitic, so I think are possibly historical reasons for the tendency of the paranoid to infect both ‘sides’.”

    I would love to know where you went to school and got taught your history–Socialism was and is almost entirely a creation of the Jewish intellectual classes. Marx was a Jew, Lassalle was a Jew, and most of the movement grew out of an entirely Jewish matrix. Ironies abound in that the ideology they developed was taken up with such gay abandon by their enemies by the mid-20th Century, but the early days? Dear God, the ignorance–It burns.

    Lassalle, BTW, was the Jewish founder of the German Socialist Party.

    Christ above, it’s like you completely ignored the basis and justification for a huge chunk of anti-Semitic doctrine and belief, which is that the “Jew” created socialism to put themselves in charge of things. Did you sleep through history class, or something?

  8. Sam J. says:

    “…Consider this 100% accurate description of They Live’s world-building:

    “….listing(I won’t repeat the whole thing)…”

    Imagine the either Chutzpah of Jewish or the outright stupidity of a person to list all these truths and pretend that anyone that believes them is foolish.

    I want to remind you that on 9-11 one of the buildings. building 7, fell the same speed as if all that held it up was air. How might you explain Jewish owned buildings, with a Jewish owned press, with a Jewish owned security that subsequently pushes, pushes is too weak of a word, demands that the US army destroy the the enemies of the Jews as they blow up our buildings right in front of our faces? Let’s not even mention the other WTC buildings had molten iron pouring out of the corners before they fell.

    How would it be that a private corporation primarily owned by Jewish bankers forces the US government to give them securities to cover every single penny of currency in the US + interest or we would have not one single cent of currency and they give ZERO in return? What do you call it when people demand you give them everything you have and they ion return provide nothing at all?

    How would it be that these same bankers Jews gave multiple billions to various Jewish individuals who bought up a large portion of US industry and moved a substantial portion of the industry overseas?

    How can it be that Jewish bankers using illegal liars loans sold billions and billions of fraudulent housing derivative bonds . So many that it caused a financial crisis and then instead of jail they got, known, $16 trillion dollars in close to zero interest loans but more likely $30 trillion, from public documents, plus close to a trillion on cash?

    I guess if you state these facts, and facts they are, and note that most every single one of the attributes of the parasites in “They Live” seem to be correlated damn close to the actions and behaviors of the Jews then…well you’re obviously a paranoid, madd, crazy person.

  9. Alrenous says:

    Like most sociological phenomena, the Jewish thing comes about by satisfying several drives simultaneously.

    One: envy. Jews are more successful than I am, ergo (via monkey logic) they must be evil. Not hard to build a gang that’s about ganging up on the smug strongman, so in the short term this appears to work.

    Two: witches are personal. Personal problems can be solved with monkey-logic solutions. Impersonal problems require me to think in unnatural ways. That’s work. Who wants that?

    Three: defence against change. If Jews are the source of the problem, then I don’t have to do anything differently. Further, I can simply follow my desire to beat the shit out of a foreigner, rather than suppressing that impulse. I don’t have to get in a fight with my parents (more than I already do); I don’t have to painfully question my received culture.

    Four: The Jews are not the biggest bully on the playground. (Instead, rather nebbish.) If the Jews are the problem I don’t have to pick a fight with the 800 pound gorilla. I don’t have to admit it’s cowardly to not pick this fight. I don’t have to admit I’m too weak to win.

    Probably more, too.

    On the other hand, the fact the conspiracy angle is so resonant probably means there’s something to it, despite the extremely poor articulations of the gut feeling. Due to Pareto effects, 80% of social problems likely have a single core cause.

    Notably if (((Jews))) really are the problem, despite my severe reservations, my preferred anti-conspiracy formula works anyway.

    Namely, accept that social decay is inevitable. The ingroup is going to get sick and then sicker. The only solution is to have a ship you can jump to. Exit, in other words.

    Of course this requires several unnatural thoughts to be accepted… Rhetoric adapts its (((message))) to the audience. The truth requires the audience to adapt to the message.

  10. CVLR says:

    I don’t really like those parentheses, and never have. They were mildly amusing when a few Twitter Blue Checks adopted them voluntarily. That was a very short period of time a rather long time ago.

    All humans conduct their affairs according to Monkey Logic. This Monkey Logic culminates in governments and other entities which apply protection to their constituents. Is that a double entendre? yes, it is.

    Since the possession of wealth (securities) is a government-guaranteed monopoly, it stands to reason that most concentrations of wealth are gained and retained by the normal governmental processes. I leave these processes to the imagination of the reader.

    History is our sanity check. How were the great fortunes of the world made?

    Krupp made armaments for the German government; Sassoon sold opium to the Chinese; Sackler sold opium to the Americans; Rothschild lent to governments on the warpath; Goldman and Sachs lent money at interest; Ford paved over agrarian America and crushed public transportation; Buffet pumps an unlimited supply of corn syrup and soy lecithin directly into the gullets of much-fabled Middle America.

    But I digress. Since, as Lenin so famously said (and he was in a position to know), Who, whom?, if a group you believe to be an out-group appears to be conducting itself in such a way as to raid your coffers and/or defile your women, then this, it seems to me, is an example of Monkey Politics. And as everyone knows, the solution to Monkey Politics is Monkey Logic.

    Does anyone actually have an argument against this?

    It could be argued that [Tribe X] factually is simply too moral to take advantage of other people.

    It could be argued that [Tribe Y] would like to, but is insufficiently powerful and/or cohesive to get together and farm you like sheeple.

    These are both valid variations on an explanation of how you aren’t being exploited. I’m sure that there are a few others.

    But I can’t help but notice that those who go for the jugular overwhelmingly go after the money, and those who don’t… don’t.

    Like the “citizenist” (i.e. civic nationalist i.e. proposition nationalist i.e. America is an idea of values and principles), they dance around, their arguments slippery, their points don’t seem to land, and they give the general impression of boxing with shadows.

    Accuse the civic nationalist of disloyalty, dishonesty, or immorality, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But ask him one simple question and watch him recoil: “Is/was America a real people of flesh and bone and blood? Yes or no?”

    “The only solution is to have a ship you can jump to. Exit, in other words.”

    And for some reason there’s always a hint of bizarre, autistic, hyper-individualist libertarianism lurking close behind.

    Whereas the normal man would commandeer the ship and pilot himself and fellow crew to safety, the libertarian proposes the alternative path: abandon his fellows for an equivalent ship he conjured ex nihilo.

    Come to think of it, there’s a remarkable parallel between this fundamental libertarian philosophy, aliquid ex nihilo, and the philosophical basis of world finance.

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

  11. CVLR says:

    Kirk, this is quite a change of tone; I’m a little surprised. When did you become a hateful antisemite? How does it feel to be an evil racist?

  12. TRX says:

    Judaism is a religion, not a race. The patriarchs in Tel Aviv ruled fairly conclusively on that when they infolded the Ethiopian Jews in the early ’90s.

    An interesting half hour of web searching seems to indicate English doesn’t appear to have a specific word for “doesn’t like Jews or Judaism.”

    There’s “hebephobic”, which is sometimes used, but actually means something rather different.

    Hm. English is famously known to dragging other languages into dark alleys and mugging them for their vocabulary; this is a case where we could really use a word and don’t have one…

  13. Sam J. says:

    Alrenous says,”…Like most sociological phenomena, the Jewish thing comes about by satisfying several drives simultaneously.

    One: envy. Jews are more successful than I am, ergo (via monkey logic) they must be evil…
    …Two: witches are personal…
    …Three: defence against change…”

    Notice how pathetically weak your arguments are and all rely on some “perceived” failure on the part of people who criticize the Jews. “Why it’s just their insecurities”, you say. But my arguments are FACTS. Injustices. History. I don’t need to rely on any “perceived” anything I just print out what the Jews have done lately and that’s good enough.

    I think the Jew tactic of calling people names is rapidly losing it’s effectiveness. Especially with the build up of insults to the nation. Financial, moral, loss of security and so many other onslaughts from the psychopathic Jewish nation wreckers that the tension will eventually have to be broken and things will become…unpleasant for the Jews. Unfortunately this time will be different. The Jews have burned so many bridges with their hatred and the access of world wide communications means they can’t hide it any more with woefully tales of how they were persecuted that the only place left will be Israel surrounded by people they have tortured most horribly for decades and decades. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch.

    TRX says.”Judaism is a religion, not a race…”

    I don’t even know why people bother to type up such ridiculously stupid nonsense. Jews are people descended from Jews. There’s no mystery to this. This sort of babbling stupidity just brings on more hatred to the Jews, that they expect us to believe such nonsense. The Jews act like there’s still only 3 TV stations on the air and that they can continue to spout this nonsense over and over and people will believe it.

  14. Unicephalon40D says:

    “I don’t even know why people bother to type up such ridiculously stupid nonsense.”

    It seems to me that you haven’t thought this through.

    Ashkenazi Jews are an ethnic group, but “Jews” in a broader sense are not. There is no clear genetic connection between the Ashkenazi Jew and the Moroccan or Iraqi Jew — so there is no ethnic connection — though the two groups have much in common, and such stereotypically Jewish figures as the Sassoons, Saatchis, et very much cetera, were Iraqi Jews.

    There’s no genetic connection between the Ashkenazi Jew and the Ethiopian or Yemenite Jew, and the two groups have very little in common, perhaps nothing in common, besides shared religious practice. If they don’t practice the religion, then, they are as distinct from each other as two peoples can be.

    To say that an Ethiopian and a Russian Ashkenazi are Jews “because they descended from Jews” is possibly true but conveys extremely little information. It’s like saying that a man of Haitian descent and a man of Russian descent are New Yorkers because they were born in New York. True enough, for whatever it’s worth, but an exceedingly small patch of common ground it is.

    So what is a Jew if there is (1) no common genetic or ethnic component, (2) no common phenotype, (3) no common country or land of origin, save for their Biblical founding myth?

    Are sincere converts, like some of the Trump clan, Jews? Are Sepharadic heretics, like Spinoza, Jews?

    Where do you suppose that your problem with the Jew resides? Is it a genetic proclivity for subversive behavior? If so, then surely it’s something that’s Ashkenazi-specific? Is it something in the Talmud? Do you suppose they have a software glitch? Is it “tainted blood”? What is it?

  15. Sam J. says:

    “…So what is a Jew if there is (1) no common genetic or ethnic component…”

    I don’t believe this. Prove it. It’s not too much to ask you to do this as you are telling me that people descended from Jews are…are not Jews and have no genetic relationship. This on the face of things appears to be mindless nonsense or some sort of miraculous divine relationship…that I’m not buying. Maybe Jews have some special, relatives but not relatives super scheme that no one else has. If they do it behooves you to explain why this oddity is so. It’s hardly novel that I say peoples children are descended from them are…their children. It seems farcical that you can say Jews do not have a common base. Of course if you are Jewish yourself then that’s every reason to assume you are lying through your teeth as in a great deal of the cases when Jews are agitating the air with their mouths they are lying or dissembling in some way. Jews are not reliable messengers of truth in any shape form or fashion. The evidence for this stretches back thousands and thousands of years.

    It’s genetic as Jews seem to have a common behavior.

    A simple one. The Jew hand clenching/rubbing behavior. A shit load of Jews do this yet I never see any other group doing this.

    “Any people who have been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong”-Henry Kissinger

  16. Sam J. says:

    Unicephalon40D says, “…To say that an Ethiopian and a Russian Ashkenazi are Jews “because they descended from Jews” is possibly true but conveys extremely little information….”

    OK. This change this up a little. To say that a Cow and a Cow are Cows “because they descended from Cows” is possibly true but conveys extremely little information.

    To say that a Doberman and Doberman are Dobermans “because they descended from Dobermans” is possibly true but conveys extremely little information.

    To say that a Pitt bull and a Pitt bull are Pitt bulls “because they descended from Pitt bull” is possibly true but conveys extremely little information.

    To say that a Road Island Red chicken and a Road Island Red chicken are Road Island Red chickens “because they descended from Road Island Red chickens” is possibly true but conveys extremely little information.

    I would say it’s more likely that your post contains little information unless you consider babbling propaganda information. I do not.

    Every single time you comment such blatant inane nonsense you show your hand. You show yourself to be dishonest. How can anyone possibly not see that you are telling people silly stuff to confuse them and hide the Jews fingerprints. By printing such direct deceit you are amplifying everything I said about the Jews.

    This is another reason we should get rid of the Jews. This constant switching of identities depending on context to pretend that the many, many, many evil assaults they inflict on society are somehow…some other bunch. Typically when they are attacking Whites they pretend to be White and not Jews. When they wish to absolve themselves from guilt they say they are Jews. This tactic is also used to align themselves with other groups that feel marginalized living in a, former, White community. Your deceit is itself a “tell”. You can’t even talk about the most basic of things without dissembling(lying) in some way. THANKS! quite a demonstration of EXACTLY what I’m saying is the case.

  17. Sam J. says:

    TRX says,”…An interesting half hour of web searching seems to indicate English doesn’t appear to have a specific word for “doesn’t like Jews or Judaism…”

    Here I’ll help you out.
    1. Decent
    2. Honorable
    3. Competent
    4. Reliable
    5. Insightful
    6. Trustworthy
    7. Unsheeplike (yeah I made that one up but it’s a good one. Expect to see it in Websters any time now)
    8. Nazi
    9. Religious
    10. Clear(A bone to the Scientologist)

    I could go on.

  18. Unicephalon40D says:

    “It’s genetic as Jews seem to have a common behavior. A simple one. The Jew hand clenching/rubbing behavior. A shit load of Jews do this yet I never see any other group doing this.”

    So it must be genetic… because Jews rub their hands?  Which gene, or set of genes, do you imagine is responsible for that?  

    That odd notion aside, what kind of proof would you accept?  Studies in population genetics?  Or would you dismiss those, reflexively, as Jewish tricks?   
    In any case, even a cursory look at the literature should make it clear that Yemenite Jews cluster with Bedouin and other Arabs, Ethiopian Jews with other Ethiopians, and that Ashkenazi Jews are a mixed population with Middle Eastern mtDNA and a significant European (mostly Italian) contribution.  Gregory Cochran, and many others, have studied the population genetics of Ashkenazi Jews in detail.  

    Genetically, the Jewish populations with their origins in the Middle East are very far from the Ashkenazi. 

    So if the issue is genetic, and ALL Jews bear it, as you seem to think is the case, you’ve got some hard thinking to do.  How could it possibly be genetic, when the Ashkenazi have at least as much in common with Hungarians and Italians as they’ve got with Iraqi Jews?  Perhaps only the Ashkenazi are at fault, and the other Jews do not share their subversive proclivities?  What genes are involved, and how?  Can the problem, if you ever manage to identify, it, be engineered away?  

    Given the distance between Jewish ethnic groups, you’re left with far more questions than answers, and the notion that Judaism — on the whole — is a religion, not a race, should begin to seem much more credible.

    And I’ll ask again:  Are sincere converts Jews, in your eyes?  

    (As for taking a small part of a sentence out of context and going wild on it, as in your next post… Well, this just makes you seem unhinged. And you missed the point entirely. A closer analogy would be “To say that a Doberman and Chihuahua are Dogs “because they descended from Dogs”" — this is true, but a very broad and general truth, and one which doesn’t really get at the heart of the matter — that there are massive ethnic/genetic differences within the Jewish religion.)

  19. Sam J. says:

    “…So it must be genetic… because Jews rub their hands? Which gene, or set of genes, do you imagine is responsible for that?…”

    Don’t know or care. It is a general trait Jews are known for. Frequently caricatured to the amusement of all.

    “…That odd notion aside, what kind of proof would you accept? Studies in population genetics? Or would you dismiss those, reflexively, as Jewish tricks? …”

    Already putting conditions on me to do this, do that, prove this, prove that. Typical Jewish trick. This whole conversation is a Jew trick. Let’s get away from the facts of the mass genocide of Russians, Ukrainians(Solzhenitsyn says 60 million deaths total in the USSR), Spanish,(took them 700 years to get their country back after being stabbed in the back by the Jews), many other countries. The attack on the US on 9-11 where building 7 owned by the Jews and the security controlled by the Jews fell as if only air held it up. Please explain oh genius Jew how that happened and how it happened that the US’s blackmailed government and beleaguered citizens are fighting Jew wars in the middle east? If I can see this as a half wit why can’t you mighty super brain Jews that control all the mass media see it? Because the Jews did it. Best cover that shit up…quick! Another sign of psychopathy because only a psychopath would do something so stupid. Your leaders are supposed to be such geniuses, well then why did they do something so stupid as 9-11??? You Jews still all in with your vaulted scheming leadership after that dump of brain lock?? Even the strategy itself is mind warped. You’ve already tried it and failed. I refer you to the continued decapitation of Hezbollah that went on for years until…they got someone smart as can be at the top and when the Lebanon war came the Jews got the shit kicked out of them. Sure they bombed Lebanon to dirt but they NEVER in way shape or form controlled the battle field or the outcome of the war. Now even the most ardent haters of Islam are for Hezbollah because at least they’re not Jews who are orders of magnitude worse. Why are people who are using underage girls to blackmail officials allowed to go free even when they are in a Federal jail??? And don’t tell me Epstein is dead. It’s not his body they wheeled out. He’s probably in Israel.
    How about the financial, moral and eventual attempt to take over Germany and Hungary? The operation in Germany was in many respects very similar to what they are doing in the US. Unfortunately for the Jews world wide communications have made the eject phase of the parasites life style difficult. Before the Jews could flit off to a new country and whine incessantly about how the poor dears were abused because of their love of God(snicker). Now they’ve just about destroyed the West in total and the Chinese are not having the same infestation. I think the Jew parasite trick only works in trusting nice societies like Whites have. Just like the Gypsy’s left India because they weren’t having any of their shit there. Maybe the Chinese rejection of the Jews is why they are being killed off by corona????? Appears to be engineered and there also appears to be links to the west. How convenient. Things go bad for the Jews blame the US for genocide to get them into a war with China and reset the whole system. I bet the Jews did corona. Definitely their MO. The US wouldn’t do this because we have too much to lose and it would be too easy to tie us to it as the Jews are trying to do now.

    “…So if the issue is genetic, and ALL Jews bear it, as you seem to think is the case, you’ve got some hard thinking to do…”

    Your barking up the wrong tree. You want what they have in common if you are looking for like attributes. Looking for how they are not…obviously is not going to tell you what they have in common. I ask “what is it that they are measuring???” I do suspect that anything NOT in the Jews favor would be buried.

    An example. I strongly expect the Neanderthal studies done by the Jews where they gleefully announce that we all, except Africans, have an average of “1 to 4 percent” Neanderthal is a big hoax. Sure if you take the MASSIVE Jew Neanderthal mix and add it too all the rest it gets to 5% but as you say, that tells you nothing. I predict that eventually they will show that the Jews have a lot of Neanderthal. The raw data on the Neanderthal studies is not publicly published. Sometimes you have to watch what the Jews want buried to see what the truth is. The study of skeletonal structure and how it relates to populations in the US was killed off by Boas. Probably because strongly typed Jews look like Neanderthals.



    So there’s another big blow out by the Jews retarding progress. Jews turn everything they touch to shit. Science, economies, art…everything.

    “… And you missed the point entirely. A closer analogy would be “To say that a Doberman and Chihuahua are Dogs “because they descended from Dogs””…”

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. You have it wrong. My example is so simple and clear that it is to your advantage to confuse the issue, a simple one that the offspring of Jews are Jews. Your example is also dumb and retarded. We all know Doberman and Chihuahua are dogs. As I said before we are looking for differences. Your example is giving us that which we already have and pretending that there is some sort of significance to this. This sort of discombobulation of reality is typical of Jewspeak. Meaningless babble with lots of flourish that means nothing and leads no where, on purpose I might add. Showing others reading this exactly what you are about. Talk about anything but the depredations of the Jews on all humanity. I mean who has a religion so evil and vile that heaven is to enslave everyone on planet earth and take all their wealth??? The Jews that’s who.

    This is a fine example, our little chat, on why the Jews must go. You can not deal with them in an honest manner as they are not honest. They will never change as what they are doing is working for them so far. For them to change they will have to be severely repressed. They must go. Whites must force them away from us. Peacefully if we can get it but by any means necessary they must go. They must be ejected from decent society. Any White community that has done this in the past has had a near miraculous ascent in the well being of their citizens just from lessening the deprivations of the Jews. The Jews have become hazardous to our health and are on the verge of completely destroying us. It’s matter of survival. The Jews must go.

  20. RLVC says:

    I’m not really satisfied with the way that this has gone.

    On one side, we have Jew-lovers like Alrenous, and on the other side we have Jew-skeptics like Sam.

    A proper Jew-debate would consist of Jew-skeptics making specific falsifiable observations of Jews, and Jew-lovers making specific rebuttals of those specific observations. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Jew-lovers prefer to disregard Jew-skeptics’ specific observations in favor of ridiculous water-muddying, and often (usually) Jew-skeptics make claims not readily proved and jump to conclusions in failing to understand the fact that the Elect Boomers don’t truly, deeply love Jews as themselves, in perfect harmony with Jesus’s prescription and full accordance with the Bible’s zeroeth commandment.

    It’s easy to prove the ownership and control of banks, media, and tech monopolies, or the un-amusement value of a t r o p e (or is it a canard?), but it’s somewhat more difficult to prove the covert provenance of certain overt axe of nukular terruh.

    I accept that Sam thinks what he thinks, and Alrenous is, of course, content to believe whatever he likes. I have no doubt that he’ll continue to believe that we aren’t all daily degraded, denigrated, and desiccated by a brutal libertarian regime the likes of which the world has never seen before.

    And so (no doubt) he‘ll continue to issue his silly one-word holier-than-thou proclamations like:


    LOL, come on, Alrenous: come out to playayyy.

    Let’s talk about how libertarianism is the the ruling orthodoxy of the the ruling orthodoxy.

    Pop your head out of that hidey hole and let me bring the sledgehammer down once more.

    Dare you.

    Double dawg dare.

  21. Sam J. says:

    “…Jew-skeptics make claims not readily proved…”

    A lie. Molten metal poured from towers 1 and 2 before they fell. Building 7 fell the same speed as if only AIR held it up. This is a fact. There was no support for roughly 108 feet. Free fall. It’s even in the NIST report. The NIST report refused to entertain the significance of this but I sure saw it. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a building to have a few fires vaporize a whole 10 floors of the building to where it’s the same density as air. It’s just not possible. There must have been demo and if there was demo in building 7 the extremely odd behavior of the other buildings meant they were demoed also. The NIST report said there were no explosives in building 7, but refused to test for them. They are CLEARLY heard on tapes acquired from the government using the freedom of information act. Now who owns the press? The Jews. They can easily see this as well as I can. The only Jew journalist who finally looked into it was Geraldo Rivera. He did a show about it. By the end of the show he made on building 7 he had turned a shade of green. He denied knowing the answer but you could see it in his face. He knew that building was demoed and that everything he’d been told about the attacks was a lie. He lost his show after that and it was never mentioned again. What does it say about our government that the Jews can blow up buildings in the middle of our cities, we fight their wars overseas, Men using underage girls as blackmail can go to jail and be released while pretending he was hanged(it was not his body that they wheeled out. It’s not him because he doesn’t match.) and not a damn thing is done about it??? It’s not good. It’s not good at all. It’s frightening.

    9-11 was what clued me into the Jews. It’s simple to follow the leads if you look and after you start looking you see that there are a massive numerous amount of people who have been warning us about their behavior for literally THOUSANDS of years and they have done some of the most heinous things of any people on earth. They most also ALWAYS blame it on someone else. Their patterns have not changed since…well as far back as history. Their behavior if checked off on a spreadsheet is EXACTLY that of psychopaths. The only known cure against psychopaths that psychologist recommend, the ones not Jewish anyways, is to get them the hell away from you. All countries that have thrown out the Jews have seen great increases in their prosperity and well being. Not difficult. If a parasite is sucking the blood out of you cutting him off is bound to be an improvement. The reason they spend all their time calling me names or trying to derail the subject of me naming their crimes is…they did it.

  22. Graham says:

    Seems a bit of a tangent, now, but for Kirk on Feb 12 at 1:49-

    That is all correct as to the high profile Jews who were involved in creating Marxism, including Marx, and other strands of socialism, and for the accusations made against both Jews and Socialists for each being linked to the other.

    One could also point to the idea of secularized Jews looking for an alternative source of Judaism-like world-perfecting idealism. Their having been oppressed only explains so much- lots of people were oppressed at the time. A secular, scientific tikkun olam could easily attract educated men with an axe to grind and a dream to pursue.

    Still, there was a deep and genuine strain of antisemitism, especially in Marxian socialism, all the way back to Marx himself, Jew though he was. His tone sometimes bordered on the idea that it was a hereditary flaw, odd for him, but he certainly attacked Judaism the religion, Judaism the culture and way of life, Judaism the set of behaviour modes he saw in his own time. Plenty of his heirs among Jews who supported communism tread this narrow, peculiar line as well.

    Self-loathing is an odd, anti-survival trait wherever found.

    On one other point buried up there somewhere- there’s no need to hate people because they are successful, that’s the mindset of a medieval peasant. There’s plenty of good reason to see them as rivals, though. That’s the mindset of a competitor.

  23. Sam J. says:

    “…On one other point buried up there somewhere- there’s no need to hate people because they are successful…”

    I wonder if people know just how absolutely permeated and saturated the West is by Jewish directed thought? Mostly of a derogatory vein towards anyone who like “They Live” looks around and by just seeing what is before them. Just facts. Sees that the whole thing is abhorrent and sick. That anyone who just shows what the track record of the Jews is, is treated as some sort of deranged monster. The next part of the comment is obligatory.

    “… that’s the mindset of a medieval peasant…”

    Says “who”? The modern version is a couple guys living in a trailer. I repeat “says who”. I think people add this sort of nonsense in their minds just from sheer repetition. The west press, book publishing,radio and most all mass media have been in the hands of the Jews for close to 100 years. It’s difficult to escape. The large majority of every single thing you’ve ever read or seen has had a bit of editing. It’s convenient for the Jews because people who see that the facts don’t line up with the glorious future they tell us exist are usually a bit ornery and the Jews can point to them as unhinged while they whisper unending words of Soma into our ears.

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