Defining the Alt Right

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Is Education Realist of the alt-right?

As a practical matter, using the definition most agree to,  no. I hold to the Voldemort View and the wisdom of Philip K. Dick. I’m an immigration restrictionist and Trump supporter. I’m a nationalist, not a white nationalist. I’ve lived in more racial diversity my entire life than the vast majority of elites preaching its value can even conceive of.  I don’t live in the same ideological region as Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer, or Heartiste and men’s rights advocates. That’s a difference that won’t matter to the media, which is why I’m anonymous.


  1. Bob Sykes says:

    As a retired professor with a continuing interest in education, I read his posts from time to time, and he clearly is not alt-rt. More traditional conservative, in my opinion.

    Unless you are retired or have a secure income, you should post anonymously.

  2. Education Realist says:

    I’m definitely not alt right, but I’m not even a tiny bit conservative, and certainly not traditional.

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