Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind

Friday, June 26th, 2015

In our current climate, I feel like Gone with the Wind may soon be gone with the wind — or at least gone from Amazon and other “reputable” retailers.

Ironically, Amazon was promoting Dukes of Hazzard recently. I tried to watch the pilot, for free, since I vaguely recalled the show from my childhood, but I found it unwatchable.


  1. Dussibom says:

    The way I recall it, it has a sweetness almost heartwarming today. The good guys so kindly, so exuberant. Almost pastoral. A kind of joyful concoction. Its world is fantasy, but idyllic. But if you can’t suspend disbelief, I can understand the reaction. I might react the same if I tried it again.

  2. Bob Sykes says:

    Unwatchable? Even Catherine Bach?

    By the way, Magnum PI is running again on some cable/satellite channel. It, too, is unwatchable. That whole era is likely to be unwatchable.

  3. Isegoria says:

    Now that you mention it, I’m not sure Daisy Duke even appears in the first 20 minutes of the pilot. Those 1970s shows move slowly.

  4. Thales says:

    That whole era is likely to be unwatchable.

    I can confirm this, having recently attempted to watch both A-Team and Knight Rider.

  5. Grasspunk says:

    We like old TV in our house, but we tend to watch British shows. I’ll list a few in case others want to try. Our family (including 4 smallish kids) happily watch The Professionals, Blakes 7, To The Manor Born. I like Yes, Minister but haven’t got the kids hooked yet, which is too bad since it is the best of the lot. I doubt I could sit through Starsky and Hutch, CHiPs or Miami Vice again.

    I did try Star Trek Next Gen, and they hated it. What freaks me out is when they like old movies — 39 Steps, Casablanca, Life and Death of Colonel Blimp. Maybe there’s a French childhood thing going on, because they do get exposed to a lot of old cinema through school. Miss 12 saw The Vikings with Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas at the cinema with her class, and it was subtitled rather than dubbed.

  6. Bruce says:

    Dukes of Hazzard pilot unwatchable? Did you not see the outhouse blown up by a dynamite arrow? That’s some quality television right there. It’s the second season and beyond, when they went from treating the hicks as tough, smart, capable hicks to treating them as jackastical retards that get hard to watch.

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