The coming Stolen Generation of African-Americans

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Maggie Jones has written about The Inner-City Prep School Experience, and Steve Sailer ironically warns of the coming Stolen Generation of African-Americans:

So, the solution is to take [poor black students] away from their families to the maximum extent possible and have them raised by salaried professionals. The problem is that we simply haven’t spent enough money on them. It’s our fault.

In other words, the trend is to re-enact the Australian Stolen Generation scheme. As you’ll recall, in the 1930s, half-blood children of alcoholic Aboriginal mothers were sent to boarding schools to learn how to function in white society by well-intentioned whites. This was condemned in the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, but, amusingly, the director, Philip Noyce, wound up paying to send his adolescent half-blood female star to boarding school to get her away from her alcoholic family.

SEED costs $35,000 per year for five days per week of school and boarding, but most of the article concerns whether or not having the kids go home on the weekends (which keeps the cost from being a lot higher than $35,000) just ruins whatever good is done by locking them up away from their friends and relatives on weeknights.

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