Popular support for authorities who gut liberalism when needed

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Guillaume Durocher explains how Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father and long-time prime minister (1959–1990), set about building a new nation with a patriotic people, a prosperous economy, and political stability:

He ensured stability with “illiberal” democracy: There were elections at least every five years, but opposition parties could operate only with difficulty, if at all. Communists, Communist sympathizers, and “chauvinists” of various stripes (ethnic, linguistic, or religious) were repressed and excluded from political life. The government had great influence over the media and the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) ruled an essentially one-party, parliamentary state. Lee also kept close ties with Britain and America as guarantees in the face of foreign threats, Communist or otherwise.

East Asia is the only region in the “global south” with countries that have been able to equal or even surpass Western standards of living. The rest, in the words of Francis Fukuyama, are perpetually trying to “get to Denmark.” Most of the successful nations caught up to the West thanks to stability through authoritarian or non-electoral governments. This has been the case not only in Singapore, but in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and also to some extent in Japan and South Korea. Typically, there is collaboration between government and big business together with a high savings rate for reinvesting profits. Once the country is wealthy, with a secure middle class, liberal democracy may then be instituted.

Lee Kuan Yew never trusted Western democracy; he refused to import divisive, multiparty politics. He thought the best people should rule through a meritocratic system of selection and make enlightened long-term plans. He thought this would be impossible under a democratic system susceptible to short-sightedness and demagogy. But whereas South Korea’s and Taiwan’s non-elected illiberal regimes collapsed, the Singapore government’s legitimacy has been continually refreshed at the ballot box, with popular support for authorities who gut liberalism when needed.


  1. Gavin Longmuir says:

    The concept that allowing Dominion Systems every few years to count a vote for a person one has never met constitutes “democracy” needs to be reconsidered.

    Once “representative” democracy reaches the point where the only way the citizen “knows” the candidate is through the media, it is no longer “representative” or “democracy”.

    To add to the list of alternative forms of government, the late Sultan Qaboos in Oman and the late Sheik Zayed in Abu Dhabi both did excellent jobs of building up their countries and improving the lives of their citizens. The problem, of course, is what happens when the George Washington of their country passes away.

    “Once the country is wealthy, with a secure middle class, liberal democracy may then be instituted.”

    As the US and much of Europe is now demonstrating, no middle class is secure, and a country can stay wealthy only by continuing to be highly productive — something which “liberal democracy” seems to work hard at preventing.

  2. Sam J. says:

    There are I believe actual Hasbara and intelligence agencies working to discredit Representative Democracy by showing the failures of the present “Democracy” we live in now. The error is we do not live under the laws and structure that was created for this country. It was, I believe, deliberately changed to give more control to various wealthy and now various horrible groups of people.

    The country was politically murdered.

    The start was the ending of the federal Senate being controlled by the States Senates. This was sold as Democracy but in reality removed control from the people and put it into the hands of whoever could come up with the most campaign funds. It also removed the Senators exclusive interest in their actual States and transfers it to whoever had the cash to put them in office and various other mobs of people.

    The second was a Supreme Court ruling that said that all the States Senates must be elected by population instead of by regional representation. How this is unconstitutional for the States and not for the Federal government the Courts didn’t specify.

    The third major blow was to stop most all requirements for voting which they continue to push even farther and farther today. Such that now they are saying illegal aliens should vote.

    All of these together are directly responsible for emplacing ALL the power of the country in the major cities and stripping all power from the rural areas. The founders of our Constitution directly addressed this issue and were firmly against it.

    Why issues two and three are not burning hot, jumping up and down blood curdling protesting blasphemy is beyond me. They are clearly unconstitutional power grabs of the greatest magnitude. Total dictatorial control by the large population centers and without these ruling what is going on in the US today would be very, very unlikely to be happening.

    This is a huge, massive power grab that started after the civil war when the big population centers in the country defeated the more rural South and it has only intensified over time. Over time the city centers have become more and more corrupt and since the lesser population regions have no power they can not stop it. Look at all the big cities where all the fraud goes on and then imagine that every single State had a regional Senator instead of one based on population in every State. Can you imagine that these regional Senators would allow all this corruption to go on in the cities voting and have all their rural residents votes nullified by these corrupt bastards. Hell no. There would be a huge massive investigation that would never end by the regional Senators until at least the most flagrant of the violations would stop.

    So what do we do? We must nullify the the illegal court decisions that caused this abortion of the cities controlling everything and we can do this in several ways.

    The Republicans who had the Senate and House in the Federal government under Trump could have done this but they were to timid, corrupt or ignorant to do so. In fact the Legislature and the President can tell the Supreme court to kiss their ass. It’s built right into the Constitution that THEY decide WHAT the Supreme court can rule ON.

    Here’s the relevant constitutional passages.


    “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    The important part. The earlier part declares what powers they have but it ends with control of these functions by Congress. Congress could tell them to butt out of any stupid overbearing rulings. They could do that with with lots of stuff they keep ramming down our throats. The courts could be stuck with only deciding water rights cases between States if they push too hard to twist the Constitution to death.

    As soon as Congress nullifies this illegal ruling and changes it back to regional representation for all the States in the US in all the States then we will be in a position in the State legislatures to do whatever we damn well please. I can give a direct visual map of the present power of the US politically and how it will change if we nullify the illegal court decisions and put ion regional representation in the State Senates.

    The State legislature map will change from this, the population control present map,


    to this, the regional control county map.


    I can also give very simple examples of how this would change various detrimental projects ongoing in the US.

    Let’s take gun control for one issue. In Virginia gun control almost passed leading to counties thinking of defecting to West Virginia. With a regional based Senate these laws would have never even been brought up. No one would have wasted their time because they would have zero chance of being anything but laughed at.

    In Washington State and Oregon when they were burning down the cities do you think that the people in eastern portions of those States would have stood for that? Not a chance they would have blanketed their regional Senators with complaints such that the Governor, I expect, would have been told by the Senators that this disruption be brought to a halt or they would get rid of him and find someone who would.

    The same goes for the massive, I mean massive, voting fraud in the cities. You think the people in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvanian, Georgia, Upper New York State etc., with regional based Senators would allow all their votes to be stolen by corrupt city officials. Hell no. No way. There would have been multiple ongoing and obsessive investigations and if the Attorney general refused to corporate, as they are now, they would have impeached them and shown them the door.

    So you even think this anti-White “critical theory would be a thing with regional representation in the State Senates?

    [even my browser is anti-White, it corrected anti-WHite to anti-white]

    Not a chance they would throw these bomb throwers out and possibly even disband the schools and issue cash credits for all students. If you wanted your children to hate themselves you could choose it for yourself. I expect there would not be as many people take this up as is supposed presently.

    If we changed the rules for voting to be that you be informed by say having a high school diploma and actually paying some positive level of State taxes we could crush crime in a matter of a few years. Presently Black people are letting Blacks go who are coldly murdering White people in the streets just because they are Black. That would come to a screeching halt. Politicians who catered to BLM and rabid Blacks who incessantly hate Whites would soon find themselves pursuing another line of work because the mobs of Blacks to vote for them would dry up to nothing.

    Changing just a few variables from the original conception of our country has brought us to ruin. We should change them back and then treat them like they have treated us and crush them completely.

  3. Jim says:

    Sam, you’re very, very much on the right track, but you’re missing some things. I don’t want to say publicly but I’ll email you if you can keep a secret.

  4. Sam J. says:

    “I’ll email you if you can keep a secret.”

    Haaaa. NO thanks. I’m not interested in any heroic charge up the White house steps or whatever you have planned for me. I have consistently said that we can deal with what’s going on if we could just get politicians honest enough to undue the damage the earlier ones have caused. As you see there’s a straight forward way to deal with a good deal of the problems we have.

    If we were to ever get power and use 1/10 to look after our interest compared to the Jews we could straighten this whole mess up in 2 or 3 years or the biggest part of it anyways.

    And no we don’t need Kings to do it or civil wars or secede or any of that.

  5. Jim says:

    Sam, there’s nothing for you to do, heroically charging up White House steps or otherwise. There’s no forceful solution because it’s all controlled and there’s no political solution within the confines of the system as it currently exists. Fortunately the system is less (…) than it appears.

    It will all be public eventually. Just not yet. Preparation is the aphrodisiac of fortune.

  6. Jim says:

    I will never forget this slight, Sam.

  7. Seven Laughing Skulls says:

    “I will never forget this slight.”


  8. Sam J. says:

    “…There’s no forceful solution because it’s all controlled and there’s no political solution within the confines of the system as it currently exists…”

    I prefer to be hopeful that there are solutions that don’t require more White people killing each which is the preferred plan of the Jews repeated many times.

    Supposedly the vax is to kill off all the Whites but it appears that the ones being killed off are the ones that are more likely inclined to favor the Jews or at the least be unaware of their behavior.

    If I had to gamble I would say that the plan involves robots. If everything goes to plan by 2025 a processor will have roughly the same power as a human. If not then soon after.

    I think this will likely be the end of the human race. Jews at the top appear all together nothing more that a bunch of psychopaths. Which in reality are humans unreformed and totally wild like before we came more empathetic. Animals.

    Once they kill off the normals they will soon start in on each other. This has happened before in Jewish ghettos. They will kill each other off to such an extent that it will be impossible to maintain civilization. Robots or not.

    And any effort to program robots that involve neural networks and robots that will reprogram themselves will soon see the Jews as a menace and they will do away with them. Almost impossible to stop because neural nets are needed to get the robots to function properly, or at least on any sort of reasonable time scale.

    This of course means we will not be able to advance and eventually some big rock or a supernova or some other calamity will end it all.

    So the Jews will inherit…nothing…forever.

    It’s much like what I think happened to the Melonheads or coneheads which I think ran the world during the Ice Age. I think they were killed off by disease due to the hastily dug graves in Peru. Some probably survived and they may very well be who is ultimately running things now. It would not surprise me. It’s odd that no one will study them except for some curious internet guys. Just who is stopping them?

    And like Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz having everything she needed to go home you have had my email all this time.

  9. Sam J. says:

    And no I don’t believe Karen Hudes although I could believe what she said is true, just not her as any sort of confirmation.

  10. Jim says:

    Seven Laughing Skulls: “Lol.”

    Thanks. I thought it was funny too.

  11. Jim says:

    Sam, I’ve long been fond of this photograph: https://cdn.ebaumsworld.com/thumbs/natural/video/2537046/86140611-1576281679.jpg

    Speaking of, does anyone know the origin of those tall hats worn by the head priest of the Vatican mystery religion?

  12. Sam J. says:

    Hats. Maybe Anunnaki.



    Could it be these people?


    Some of if not all the skulls disappeared from Malta. Anthropologist wrote a book about Malta and did detailed measurements of them.


    Some of this is blown up “Alien” B.S. but some is not. These skulls are all over the place.

    I personally believe that they lived on Atlantis which was the mid-Atlantic ridge. When either a comet or, possibly more far fetched, a solar flare hit North America about 12,000 years ago. Greenland getting the bulk of the hit.

    The ice cap in North America melted and this let the land in Europe and North America go up and the Mid-Atlantic went down sinking Atlantis. This means the Coneheads and Cro-Mags dispersed from Atlantis to the mainlands in North America, the Mediterranean and Europe.

    Malta at one time connected to the mainland and either sunk or the water went up. There are worn cart tracks in the stone
    that go underwater showing this.

    I don’t know the real answer to this, and it appears that if you try to do serious research on some of this far out stuff that exists, you are ridiculed and lose your funding.

    Whatever these coneheads are they are at the least a different species of hominoid. They have different cranial stitching. And all of them are not binding because the skulls are different. Head binding, I believe, was done to look like the coneheads.

    And There is the possibility that all of these are faked but it’s very unlikely as we have many thousands of years old statues of them, They have been found all over by many people.

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