Why change Science Dog to Séance Dog?

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

When I saw the teaser trailer for Amazon’s new Invincible series, I was mildly amused by Omni-Man and his son playing catch the long way — around the Earth:

But I couldn’t help but think of what speed would be required to orbit the earth near the surface — and it’s roughly 8 km/s, or 18,000 mph, or Mach 23.

So it would take an hour to orbit the earth, and it wouldn’t be preceded by any noise. And, of course the ball would burn up and lose speed long before finishing the trip. It wouldn’t travel predictably, either.

The original Invincible comic came out in 2003, right before its creator Robert Kirkman went on to produce his Walking Dead comic, which of course landed its own hit show. Another one of his creations shows up in the Invincible comic, as something his teenage protagonist reads, but it shows up in the show in a slightly different form:

I always like to open up the hardest hitting question right off the bat. So: why change Science Dog to Séance Dog?

Robert Kirkman: [Laughs] Yeah, look. I think that the nuts and bolts answer… I’m trying to come up with something creative and fun, but the nuts and bolts answers is that Science Dog is a separate comic book that Cory Walker and I created that just happened to appear [in Invincible]. It’s possible that we may do a movie or TV show or something at some point. Instead of putting that down in our deal with Amazon, on Invincible, we decided to strip it out and put in something new so that we would have the ability to do that.

I haven’t watched The Boys or read the original comic, but I was immediately reminded of it:

I don’t know how much you necessarily can speak to this, but how instrumental if at all, was the success of The Boys in selling the show to Amazon?

Internally, I don’t know. I mean, The Boys had not launched yet when this got greenlit. So the success of The Boys wasn’t the only reason this got picked up. But I think that they knew they had something special in The Boys from the get go. Internally, I can’t help but think that Amazon had to be like, The Boys is going to work and maybe Invincible will work too, let’s give it a shot. So I’m very appreciative Garth [Ennis] and Darick [Robertson] were able to create the comics. Everybody’s been able to accomplish so much with the show, I think it really paved the way for what we’re going to be able to do with Invincible.


  1. Jorgen B. says:

    Seance is the new science. Hash Tag: Trust the Seance. The govt did a Seance to contact Karl Marx’s ghost before the plandemic, and all along they’ve been saying “Trust the seance.” You just heard it as “trusg the science” due to confirmation bias.

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