The difference in throwing velocity between men and women is three standard deviations

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

Of all the sex differences that have ever been documented in scientific experiments, David Epstein explains (in The Sports Gene), throwing is consistently one of the largest:

The difference in average throwing velocity between men and women, in statistical terms, is three standard deviations. That’s about twice as large as the male/female disparity in height. That means that if you pulled a thousand men off the street, 998 of them would be able to throw a ball harder than the average woman.


Boys, while still in the womb, start to develop the longer forearm that will make for a more forceful whip when throwing. And while the pronounced differences in throwing prowess are less between boys and girls than between men and women, they are already apparent in two-year-old children.

In an effort to determine how much of the throwing gap among children is cultural, a team of scientists from the University of North Texas and the University of Western Australia collaborated to test both American and Aboriginal Australian children for throwing skill. The Aboriginal Australians had not developed agriculture, instead remaining hunter-gatherers. The Aboriginal Australian girls, like the boys, were taught to throw projectiles for both combat and hunting. Indeed, the study found that throwing differences were much less pronounced between Australian Aboriginal boys and girls than between American boys and girls. But the boys still threw far harder than the girls, despite the fact that the girls were taller and heavier by virtue of their earlier maturation.

Not only are boys generally superior at throwing, but they also tend to be much more skilled at visually tracking and intercepting flying objects; 87 percent of boys outperform the average girl in tests of targeting skills.


Male Olympic throwers heave the javelin about 30 percent farther than female Olympians, even though the women’s javelin is lighter.

And the Guinness World Record for the fastest baseball pitch by a woman is 65 mph, a speed routinely topped by decent high school boys. Some professional men can throw over 100 mph.

Throwing like a girl has come up here before.


  1. VXXC says:

    Sorry, I’m too busy reviewing the Unit Commander’s Briefing on how I, a Captain/Company Commander am supposed to make sure Trannies aka Gender Dysphoric are “properly medicated,” especially in the “austere environment.”

    “Continuing Medical Care, including but not limited to cross-sex hormone therapy, may be required to maintain a state of stability.”

    What were you saying?

    And keep up, Comrade. Of course there’s no deviation in throwing skills. Your math is racist and somethingphobic. Be careful comrade, you’ll be deplatformed.

  2. Goober says:

    I generally get universally panned whenever I point this out, but…

    …a very not-inconsiderable number of women’s Olympic records, ie, the absolute best of the best in women, world wide, are beaten by middle school age boys. A majority of them are either beaten or nearly matched by middle school boys.

    So an exceptionally athletically gifted 13 year old boy has a very good chance of beating the most elite woman on Earth in any given sport.

    Furthermore, if you had a random sampling of 100 women, and one perfectly average man, how many of those 100 women would you expect to be stronger than that one perfectly average, totally unremarkable man?

    The answer is, on average, exactly zero of them.

    This nonsense about “no difference between men and women” is just that – completely discredited, proven-to-be-entirely-false, so far off that mark that it isn’t even wrong anymore, NONSENSE.

    It’s funny to me that the same folks that claim to be so faithful to every diktat of “science”, are the ones who will throw it away and memory hole it faster than you can believe, the very instant that it doesn’t produce results that they like.

    If this is what you do, you aren’t “pro-science”. You are as ideologically biased and driven by feelings and belief as you accuse your opponents of being.

  3. VXXC says:

    This isn’t science. It’s Point Deer, Make Horse. It’s deliberate degradation and humiliation. See also COVID, Tranny Story hour, etc.

    Certain people cannot have power, and at present they have all the power. If power drives you mad and to psychopathic torments of others you cannot have power — yet that’s who’s in charge.

  4. Goober says:


    I try not to attribute to malice, that which is easily explained by stupidity.

    However, in all honesty, it’s probably a mix of both: malicious propagandists, intent on demeaning and degrading us into tacit acceptance of absurdity, joined by an entire army of useful idiots, who, in the interest of appearing virtuous, present the lies and distortions of the evil few as scientific fact, so that they can earn social cachet amongst the other useful idiots.

    My biggest concern is that so many are going along with it. Which, honestly, shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Even a dabbler in history can see myriad examples of societies “going along” with things that are expected of them by the wider society; even the most absurd and atrocious things imaginable have occurred because of the human desire to be accepted by appearing virtuous and useful.

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