Wokeness is a made-up mystery religion that college-educated people invented so they could feel superior to you

Monday, March 1st, 2021

Trump stood against the upper class, Scott Alexander argues:

He might define them as: people who live in nice apartments in Manhattan or SF or DC and laugh under their breath if anybody comes from Akron or Tampa. Who eat Thai food and Ethiopian food and anything fusion, think they would gain 200 lbs if they ever stepped in a McDonalds, and won’t even speak the name Chick-Fil-A. Who usually go to Ivy League colleges, though Amherst or Berkeley is acceptable if absolutely necessary. Who conspicuously love Broadway (especially Hamilton), LGBT, education, “expertise”, mass transit, and foreign anything. They conspicuously hate NASCAR, wrestling, football, “fast food”, SUVs, FOX, guns, the South, evangelicals, and reality TV. Who would never get married before age 25 and have cutesy pins about how cats are better than children. Who get jobs in journalism, academia, government, consulting, or anything else with no time-card where you never have to use your hands. Who all have exactly the same political and aesthetic opinions on everything, and think the noblest and most important task imaginable is to gatekeep information in ways that force everyone else to share those opinions too.

He proposes a Republican platform centered around fighting classism:

War On College: As it currently exists, college is a scheme for laundering and perpetuating class advantage. You need to make the case that bogus degree requirements (eg someone without a college degree can’t be a sales manager at X big company, but somebody with any degree, even Art History or Literature, can) are blatantly classist.

War On Experts: Argue that you love and support legitimate experts, but that the Democrats have invented and propped up a fake concept of expertise as a way of making sure upper-class people who can game admissions to top colleges control the discourse.

War On The Upper-Class Media: This is your new term for “mainstream media”. Being against the “mainstream media” sounds kind of conspiratorial. Instead, you’re against the upper-class media, which gains its status by systematically excluding lower-class voices, and which exists mostly as a tool of the upper classes to mock and humiliate the lower class.

War On Wokeness: But now it’s because wokeness is a made-up mystery religion that college-educated people invented so they could feel superior to you.


  1. Borepatch says:

    So it’s basically a war on Rich People’s Leftism.

  2. Faze says:

    So. Scott comes out of the closet. No more Mister Middle of the Road. It’s going to get bloody for him, from here on in.

  3. Contaminated NEET says:

    Scott: Hey GOP, you should really go fight my enemies for me, because I can’t even admit that they’re my enemies or else I’d be as wicked and disgusting as you are. I’ll still side with them against you, and I’ll still call you evil mentally-incompetent racists, but, uh, it will totally work out better for you somehow.

  4. Harry Jones says:

    First create working alternatives to all the institutions controlled by the current elite, then you can attack the old versions as corrupt and obsolete — without it looking like mere trash talk or thinly disguised envy.

    Demonstrate competence. That puts the current elite on the defensive.

  5. VXXC says:


    No, nothing competent can be built, nor decent lives lived until they are destroyed. Scott forgot to add they’re very good at ruining the lives and prospects of their ‘lessors.’ That’s really their core competence, after stealing.

    And putting them on the defensive>? My God man their entire worldview is they’re somehow the oppressed underdogs standing up to the man. Yes with the Ivy League degrees and all they are manning the barricades. They in their minds are besieged by Nazis and armies of KKK. They have congress surrounded by Troops, riot fences and razor wire. They want to establish Woke Martial Law due to the “National Emergency” since Jan 6.

    Now in truth they realize all those they despise have come to reciprocate and despise them, and they’re rather easy to despise of course. Hard not to despise. Their fears are justified, even if their enemies armies of doom inchoate.

    We can’t get anywhere with them in the way Harry, and competence is not the issue, power is the issue in politics. This is a political religion.

  6. Roo Ster says:

    Do we really need another smollhat to tell us it is bad–really really bad–to assert that white people have interests as white people? I think there are plenty enough of his sort hoeing that row, thanks.

    “I hate you and you hate me. But maybe I would hate you less if you didn’t suck.”

    Taking advice from those that hate you is not a wise course of action. Instead, how about you eat a nice serving of cantaloupe and ground glass, Scotty?

    “I’d rather you have a coherent interesting message, and make Democrats shape up to compete with you”

    Great googly moogly. The inner feminine sociopath speaks. “Lets you and him fight over me.” Ashkepathy on display for all to see.

    “Politics is motivated by tribal hatred.”

    Yes, Scotty, we can see that.

    “You cannot ethically or pragmatically flatter these people’s identity as whites”

    Why not? Flattering folks’ identity as backs, jews, hindus, mexicans is ethical. White men built this country.

    “Your solution will be prediction markets. Yes, really. Repeal all bans on prediction markets and give tax breaks for participating in them, until they have the same kind of liquidity as the S&P500. “

    Because Scotty’s sort doesn’t have influence enough already. He actually wrote that without fear of retribution.

    “Probably this will be a cynical political ploy. “

    No probably about it, scotty.

    Whatever cynicism one has toward the smollhats, it is never cynical enough.

  7. Bruce says:

    Scott is an exceptionally smart, informed, charitable, and fair guy who knows he will be purged again if he allows any of that when he mentions Trump. So he does a Trump essay without the words ‘immigration’,'wages’, or ‘ringers’, and without the name ‘@MatthewBraynard’ and without ’6oo+ riots burning out the poors by D muscle released to arson murder again by D prosecutors’.

    It’s like something by Thomas Friedman for the NYT.

  8. Slovenian Guest says:

    If only someone had taught Trump which fork to use first, everything could have been different!

  9. Kirk says:

    Slovenian Guest,

    Nah… He’d have still gotten their backs up, ‘cos he’s not one of them that deserves to run everything, and because he’s an outsider to the nomenklatura.

    I have the belief that Trump is more a symptom than he is anything else. The “elite” we’ve got running things is entirely incompetent, and what competency they do have is devoted to doing things inimical to the best interests of most of the American public. They’re going to find out that there is a point past which they can no longer conceal that fact from the majority, and then the fit is going to hit the shan for real.

    No idea where that ends, either. I suspect shooting and mass murder of the nomenklatura, along with a lot of their “allies”. Whole thing is going to be a huge mess, and probably be what takes down the US as a superpower. Which, when you get down to it, is probably what is planned.

    Not sure how the hell that’s going to work, when the major world market gets destroyed, but… Oh, well. Chinese oligarchs gonna Chinese oligarch. They’ve always been incredibly short-sighted and self-destructive over the long haul, despite the various idiots pronouncing them to be such geniuses. This time around, they’re not going after the guy with the boats doing the trading, but their major trading partner instead. Let me know how all that works out, will you…?

  10. Sam J. says:

    I notice people taking pot shots at this guy who I have heard about but haven’t really read. Maybe he deserves it but this essay is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever read and a clear case of label maneuvering worthy of the finest psychobabble Jew think tank. When I read the few examples he gives where our enemies could be tied to class struggle it immediately brings mind many others. I particularly like how he noted that it is a huge topic for intellectuals to chew on. It is. They could go on and on about this.

    I have said before many times that we need to get rid of the Jews to make this country work, or to even survive because they have a track record of trying to murder everyone in every country they take over, and that working with the immigrants to do so would be very beneficial to the cause. This would be a great way to do so.

  11. VXXC says:


    The mistake whites made wasn’t in sharing rights. It was trying to share power. That was our insanity not others, and it set off a 66 years and running power struggle…during which we find out the rest of them can’t manage.

    As for the widdle hats, this is such a non problem if we call them on the bullshit and don’t back down.

    Men can’t be weak, it just NEVER works.

    However things have come to a pass. You know the one “You will be Replaced “?

    Yes, so far by the Spanish. Who are straight up not even white supremacists, but flat out Fascists in the DNA. Do these asshats even KNOW any Spanish? The difference between Spanish and Italian Fascism – they make it work, they know it works.

    And no, they won’t genocide us for the ah…idiot self destructive fools who opened the borders.

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