Only peasants have any political importance

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

From the first, T. R. Fehrenbach explains (in This Kind of War), the Communists understood that in a nation almost wholly peasant, only peasants have any political importance:

Within two years, they won not only the war but the peasants’ minds. For the peasants would not understand, until too late, that the Communists wanted not justice for them, but to overthrow the entire fabric of Chinese life.

The popular morality of what the Communist Chinese have done will probably be judged only in the light of whether or not they made China a great power, and only the future will tell that. If they fail, history will condemn them for the enormous suffering they inflicted upon their land; if they succeed, their own history will largely regard them as heroes, even as Soviet history regards Peter the Great of Russia as a hero, or as the French revolutionists or the Irish Sinn Fein, who resorted to naked force and political murder, are looked upon favorably by millions of their countrymen.


  1. Kirk says:

    Any and all “proletarian revolutions” can best be analyzed as a coup conducted by radical intellectuals against the existing hierarchy. Inevitably, such “revolutions” wind up recapitulating the same processes that resulted in the preceding conditions. All that changes are the names and identities of the nomenklatura, accompanied by a drastic rise in the hypocrisy rate.

    It’s almost as if the whole thing were some sort of scam, akin to an organized crime bust-out. What did Castro’s “revolution” in Cuba actually accomplish, aside from a drastic drop in the quality of life for Cubans, and the emplacement of a new hierarchy with a new class of elites to exploit the peasantry?

    It’s all a scam, I’m afraid. Scratch a Communist or a Socialist, and you’re going to find a parasitical confidence man/woman, one who only mouths the platitudes while picking your pockets or looting your body.

    Best thing to do when encountering an avowed and committed Communist or wannabe socialist? Kill them, before they kill you. It’s pure self-defense, because where you try to implement socialism, you inevitably have to implement death camps and herd the dissenters into them. And, anyone acting in their own self-interest is going to become a “dissenter”…

  2. Lucklucky says:

    Usually they are bourgeois and 2nd-level aristocrats that start “proletarian revolutions”. That kind of revolutions also start when economy starts to improve or in significant change. Cultural malaise too.

    Also, I think an even deeper Stasi-level control is possible with current technology that might not even need genocide and Gulags as in the past. For example, we are seeing the Democratic party in US trying to control the country by low-level violence and getting away with it.

  3. Albion says:

    Every “revolution” winner first of all ensures that there can be no more “revolutions.”

    Those who have clawed (or encouraged others to do the actual clawing) their way to the top swiftly make sure their position is as safe as it can be. Secret police, curfews, limited opportunities for contact, suppression of media… all enacted to ensure the winners don’t quickly become the losers.

    The idea of “permanent revolution” is especially laughable as it cannot and will not be allowed to happen.

    I always recall the look of surprise on Ceausescu’s face when the first sign of dissent appeared while he gave a standard speech in ’89. The end wasn’t far away for him and his wife (and indeed communism in Romania) so there had been a significant failure of the golden rule of revolution: the top dogs had to make sure the far lesser dogs never bit upwards.

  4. Dave says:

    “…that might not even need genocide and Gulags as in the past. For example, we are seeing the Democratic party in US trying to control the country by low-level violence and getting away with it.”

    When the perpetrators get away with it, low-level violence always escalates to high-level violence. Technology doesn’t change the fact that power flows to those most able and willing to inflict physical pain on others. The Democrats don’t control BLM; it controls them by beating up Democrats who don’t kowtow with enough enthusiasm. They’re all leftists, but leftism is like Sunni Islam: Moderates admire extremists out of piety, while extremists behead moderates out of piety.

    “Every ‘revolution’ winner first of all ensures that there can be no more ‘revolutions.’”

    Seizing power and holding on to it are two different things, as Alexander Kerensky discovered. Revolutions keep revolving until there’s not one person alive who’s more cunning and ruthless than the guy presently in charge.

  5. Kirk says:

    It is entirely possible that I’m wrong about this, but I think that there is a vast difference between conducting a left-wing revolution against a formerly semi-totalitarian state and trying to implement such in a country like the US, where there’s a vast middle filled with people who are both heavily armed and more-or-less tolerant of low-level BS. The attitude out here in the hinterlands among the actual natives is essentially “Hey, if Seattle/Portland wants to run that way, so be it… Their city, their rules…”. Try that crap out here, burning buildings and harassing homeowners? LOL… You gonna get shot. At best–At worst, you’re going to vanish into some disused mineshaft, and ain’t nobody gonna give a shit about it, either. You may go into that shaft somewhat alive, as well.

    At least, that’s my estimation. I could be wrong. The Antifa/Black Bloc/BLM types are not as numerous as they think they are, and there are an awful lot of people who are not at all in agreement with them or their methodology. Get that element aroused and taking action, and the whole “helicopter ride” meme is going to look like a relatively “nice” solution to urban guerrilla warfare.

    There ain’t nobody alive today who’s successfully pulled off any of the things that Carlos Marighela posited. They’re all dead, and their parents and kids are still wondering what happened to them all. We’re not too far from that sort of solution being implemented here in modern America, I fear.

    On the other hand, there may well be some good eatin’ for the sea life off the coasts of our major cities here in the western US of A…

  6. Lucklucky says:

    No. When the Marxist Democrats control your energy, and your water and your food, police forces and the army, I want to see what all those weapons will get you… a big fat nothing.

    Unless you are organized and know what to take for energy, water, food, but to be organized you need to know who you are and who are the enemy and how to fight. Fighting starts with words, then goes to low level violence — all things that the right seems can’t even comprehend due to this weaponry obsession.

    Weapons are essential, but to win a war, it must not only be fought with weapons; you need people’s minds.

    The Right even call the Marxists “liberals,” so they did not even notice what the enemy is and how the Left has changed. The Right are always thinking in “last resort mode,” while the Marxist left is moving their forces and changing the field of the battle with low-level actions with a strategy of winning through small battles that change the final battlefield.

  7. Kirk says:

    LOL… Dude, who the hell do you think actually works at those plants? Left-wing nutters who can’t even tie their own shoes without angsting about it all?

    The biggest problem with the left is that they’re incompetent at nearly everything they do. They live in dream worlds of their own fervid imagining, and that prevents them from actually functioning in the real world. Why else do you suppose that the Soviet Union went bankrupt?

    The problem with these situations is that the left always imagines that they Know Better ™, and they really don’t. The Nazis wanted to build a Thousand-Year Reich, but because they couldn’t even manage their economy for a decade’s worth of real growth, they had to start their World Conquest phase a decade too early. Everywhere they go, they f**k it up by the numbers, and they’ll be no different here.

    Actual competency past blowing things up, or burning them down? Not in the left’s capabilities. They’re parasites, pure and simple. Once they reach the tipping point of scaring the normies badly enough, the counterreaction is going to be ugly. It’s happened everywhere they’ve tried to implement their little “master plans”, and it won’t be any different here in the US. Except that the people doing the killing won’t be the “authorities”, they’ll be the mobbed-up vigilante normal people who get tired of the shit. It will all be very egalitarian and broadly popular, and in a generation or two, nobody will speak of it. The mass graves will still be out there, though…

    The US is not some disarmed and complacent Euro-weenie nation that’s going to wait for the “elite” to do something about the problem children. We’re viciously anti-intellectual and very skeptical of all these “geniuses”, and I suspect that we’re going to give the world even more reason to disdain us as a nation in fairly short order. The imported Frankfurt School types and the Gramscians are not going to get the results they theorized, and it will be a lot more like Argentina under the junta or Chile under Pinochet than it will be like anything they fantasize. Only real difference will be that it also won’t be a top-down affair like either of those countries had happen–Like as not, it’ll all be very organic and entirely self-organized by the “normal middle” ranges of the population.

    Mark my words–You’ll know the worm will have turned the minute that one of these BLM/Antifa/Black Bloc mobs goes into a residential area and then doesn’t get out again without significant loss of life. People are getting really tired of this bullshit, and there’s going to be a very nasty and violent response that even the cops won’t be able to deal with.

    Hell, even a couple of guys with rifles could make it happen, and then what? Who’s going to do anything about it, when the cops are defunded and gone?

    You want to know the future, here in the US? It’s gonna be the left bleating for more cops, more funding–Because the only damn thing keeping them alive and out of mass graves is the fact that the politicians are tacitly giving them support. Subtract the cops, and then it’s game on. They know not what they’re doing.

  8. The American Muse says:


    I am sympathetic and would dearly love for your prophecy to come true, but…

    Right-wingers and conservatives have been wagging their fingers and talking about “when the American people wake up…” for years, now. You’d think the transgender idiocy and twenty years of useless warfare in the sandbox would have done something, or the literal burning of cities and tearing down of Lincoln statues tis summer, but no. I don’t see a popular uprising, only an organized left that’s running over institutions and anyone who says “no” like the Turks after Manzikert.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  9. Kirk says:

    Keep thinking that way. You’ll be just as surprised as the Antifa types are when they finally step over the line and get exterminated for their troubles.

    Most people don’t give a damn about the symbols. Burn all the flags you like–They don’t mean a damn thing. Start lighting homes on fire? Then you’ve got a problem, a big one.

    Nobody has ever pulled off a revolution like Antifa and their ilk are trying in a country like the United States. They think they’re in a different sort of world, one where their fantasies about everything are actually true. They’re not. In Argentina, they fantasized that the people making up the junta weren’t hard men, dedicated men, like themselves. It ended poorly. Same-same with Chile.

    Here, they fantasize that the people whose lives they’re disrupting are not going to ever push back, that they’ll be able to go into quiet neighborhoods and shout obscenities at all hours of the night without anyone doing anything to them. Police coverage gets pulled back, watch what happens–Right now, we’re at the state-supported level of anarcho-terrorism. Soon, we’re going to be at the point where there is no more state to protect the activities of these people, and then the bodies are going to start disappearing.

    Law and order does not exist in order to protect the middle from the criminal fringe; it exists to protect the criminal fringe from the excesses of vigilantism and mob justice. You take that genie out of the bottle, and you’re going to find that there is indeed a game that two or more can play.

    The reservoir of patience and willingness to abide by the law is deep–But, it is only so deep. You wade out past the shallows, as the idiots are, and you’re going to find out exactly what happens when the lifeguards aren’t there to pull you back out. The idiots think that by defunding and demoralizing the cops that they are going to somehow achieve a state of grace wherein they can do as they like. What’s more likely? More dead black criminals, and a lot of left-wing rioters in mass graves. You think the cops are bad now, wait until you see what replaces them.

    Hell, I can think of half-dozen mechanisms to replace policing that may come online in the next few years, not the least of which would be paying the gang-bangers to keep their fellow blacks in line and under control inside their enclaves. Care to imagine how “just” that’s going to be, when you can pay someone to off the guy who mugged you, along with his family?

    All of them, black, leftoid, and “activist”, are gonna be missing the good ol’ days of what we think of as “modern law enforcement”. Not the least because it’s only going to be the rich and wealthy who can afford “justice”. The rest of us are just going to have to live by the rules of the jungle, and kill or be killed.

  10. Dave says:

    If Antifa/BLM isn’t put down hard, with mass arrests and decades in prison for all involved, there will be two Americas in 2030: One a burned-out urban wasteland, and the other a loose-knit network of rural communities whose only law is that if you steal, break, burn, or spray-paint anything, or look like the sort of person who would do such things, your body will never be found. Snitches will also disappear, so don’t snitch!

  11. Paul from Canada says:

    I’m with Kirk on this,

    ….”Hell, I can think of half-dozen mechanisms to replace policing that may come online in the next few years, not the least of which would be paying the gang-bangers to keep their fellow blacks in line and under control inside their enclaves. Care to imagine how “just” that’s going to be, when you can pay someone to off the guy who mugged you, along with his family?”….

    I recall a blog post, I think on Gun Free Zone about how this works in Central/South America.

    When crime gets too bad in a middle class enclave, eventually someone goes to the local death squad with money in hand and orders up some street justice.

    Depending on the death squad, things could be mild, like some demonstration beat downs of some petty criminals, to medium, where a few of the worst offenders “disappear”, to extreme, where the squad gets a list of the workers and outsiders that regularly work in or are allowed to be in the middle class enclave, and any outsider not on the list gets disappeared.

    I have also noticed, particularly in Venezuela, that the “African” solution is becoming more prevalent. Someone snatches a purse or whatever, and the hue and cry goes out, and everyone nearby turns into a mob and chases down the offender. If he is lucky he just gets beaten to death, if unlucky, he gets set on fire…..

  12. Paul from Canada says:

    On the subject of Antifa, BLM etc. and the current riots, unrest etc. etc., they are playing with fire and could get burned very very badly.

    Now the USA is different, but not that different, and it is instructive to look at how Marxist “urban guerilla” theory actually works in practice, like in Argentina or Peru, for example.

    Marxist urban guerilla theory has a lot of “Underpants Gnome” in it.

    The theory is that the majority of the population is either bourgeois or politically apathetic, and needs to be brought around to the revolution. However this is not easily done merely by agitation and proselytizing, so we move to phase two, “Les Politique du Pire”(the politics/policy of making things worse).

    This involves basically terrorism. Not just assassinating officials and cops, but also random bombings of civilians and other soft targets. This is meant to cause the government to (over)react, and ideally, if nominally democratic, replaced with an authoritarian regime.

    Phase three, the regime cracks down, and alienates the normal population by repressing and “disappearing” some of them too. They are caught between the two sides, and must choose, and (according to the theory), they will choose the guerillas

    Phase four, the people rise up, and the Marxist revolutionary “vanguard” runs to the front of the parade and leads the people to victory and the revolution can proceed.

    In practice they don’t often get past the milder stages of phase two, (kind of like we are seeing now with BLM), but sometimes, like in Peru with the Shining Path, they do.

    When that happens, the new regime uses their full force and power with little restraint, and wipes them out. The end.

    So in practice, what they often end up achieving is the opposite of their goal, instead of a left wing socialist revolutionary government, they in effect create a right wing authoritarian regime, and they all end up in exile, prison or the grave.

  13. Harry Jones says:

    Opposite of their goal, Paul? Horseshoe Theory says not exactly. Unless the point is to be in power – then, yes.

    Not everyone wants to be in charge, but no one wants someone else to be in charge.

    The majority of the population just wants a comfortable, no-drama existence.

  14. Kirk says:


    The one thing I’ve noted about most Marxist types is that they seem to be entirely unable to learn from the experience of others. They’re also some of the stupidest people I’ve ever met, in general. Even the ones running the long con aren’t that bright, because they seem to be entirely unable to recognize and work around the facts that their ideas just don’t work.

    What they do possess, unfortunately, is a glib self-assurance and certainty that they “know best”, and that’s a tremendously seductive siren call for a lot of people. They claim that they’re interested in “improving life” for everyone, but what they leave out is that they’re going to have to set up a bunch of re-education camps and gulags for everyone who doesn’t agree with them, and that there may need to be a few salutary holodomor-like events to really get things rolling.

    The “dictatorship of the proletariat” always seems to need a certain amount of tyranny and a requirement to crush dissent right along with individual liberty. No matter who, no matter where, it always ends in death camps and massacres, because the vast majority of the human race simply will not comply with a socialist regime. In frustration, the new elites always resort to killing the dissenters, the ones who ask “Hey, how is this going to work…?”.

    The other issue is that the typical socialist wannabe is unable to observe that the world is far more complex than they understand, or are capable of understanding. They try to implement the “5-year plan”, and discover that they actually knew jack and shit about what lay beneath all of the economy they’re trying to command from the capital. A traditional market economy manages all that with such ease that they fool themselves into thinking that they can do better, and the fact is, they cannot. Traditional market economies are messy, and prone to abuses, but they have the signal advantage of working when they’re left the hell alone to function. Socialism simply does not–You cannot remove the incentive from things, and then try to control everything from the top. It won’t work–You’re not God, to know when and why every sparrow falls. Chaos reigns supreme, and the only thing that can cope with it is a traditional market economy that’s been built up over hundreds of generations.

    Hell, there’s good evidence that even primitive hunting bands have market economies, or else we wouldn’t be finding cowrie shells all over the inland Plains states.

    All of this fantasy-wankery turns to disaster, if it’s allowed to take over a country. Witness Venezuela or the Soviet Union. God alone knows where Russia would be today, had the Tsar had the wit and wisdom to stay the hell out of WWI. I’d wager it’d be a much more developed and a lot happier place. Unfortunately, the Russians have a natural talent for fucking things up, mostly by trusting in autocrats to run things. End of the day, Putin is going to be remembered as another in a long line of Russian leaders who made really stupid long-term decisions.

    Whole thing is a sad commentary on the essential feckless credulity of the average human, and the equally essential nature of the usual human who is “called to leadership”–Which are almost always “confidence men” and swindlers out for their own benefit.

  15. Paul from Canada says:


    Absolutely right.

    WRT how stupid they are, there is a left-wing/Marxist publication spouting the usual Marxist garbage, called (I shit you not!) “The Jacobin”. Not the Rights of Man, or the Revolution or whatever, but Jacobin. That they can be so completely historically unaware of how their namesakes ended up!

    The thing that ultimately drove Yuri Bezmenov to defect was knowing that the Indian communist activists he worked with, liked and respected, would be second against the wall come the actual revolution.

  16. Lucklucky says:

    Marxism does work since it has existed for more than 100 years and even got into power in advanced western Anglo-Saxon countries. If it does not work, why do so many go into it?

    Because what it works for is not what Kirk expects it should work for.

    Marxism works for social self-promotion, political power and also $$$. It is a social competition game.

  17. Kirk says:


    I’m speaking to the reality of implementation, not the efficacy of its use in the confidence games made by the various demagogic swindlers who’ve used it to snare the marks into the con.

    It’s a lovely tool, for that: You need never actually produce the imagined cornucopia, and you can use the fact that there isn’t one in the first place against your enemies, blaming them as “wreckers” that have prevented you from keeping your promises to the rubes.

    It is really sad how you can analyze a lot of politics using the framework of organized crime, and observe just how prevalent this behavioral pattern is for our species. For example, you can look around you and observe that the forces behind the Democratic Party are conducting themselves in such a manner that you can observe the features of your typical “bust-out” operation dedicated to extracting all the value from a legitimate enterprise, and then destroying it.

  18. Dave says:

    Lucky, Marxism “works” as a parasitic life-form. It can thrive, grow, and spread as long as it doesn’t over-tax and kill its host organism. Marxism has grown over the last two centuries because man’s ability to create wealth has grown. A fatter dog can feed more fleas.

    The natural world is swarming with parasites. Hosts evolve defenses that keep their losses to a tolerable level but do not wipe out the parasites entirely.

  19. Sam J. says:

    “…The Nazis wanted to build a Thousand-Year Reich, but because they couldn’t even manage their economy for a decade’s worth of real growth…”

    This is not true and is a lie. While farmers in the US were hanging themselves in their barns German workers were going on vacations.

    The reason this is so is because Hitler took away the power of the Jew bankers who destroyed the whole entire nation. The banks under the Nazis served the country not the Jews. Using financialization Jews bought up the whole economy and pauperized all the Germans except a few politicians they bribed and blackmailed to let them get away with it. And the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    I this absolute deluge of cash given to the bankers, hedge funds and everyone else allied with the Jews, [certainly somewhere over $43 trillion. A shit load of money], were spread around to the middle class there would be no homeless, there would be no poverty. We would be wealthy.
    The saying,”And one day for no reason at all the Germans voted in the Nazis”, is apropos.

    Kirk is Jewish and a smart guy but he constantly works to hide, tweak the truth or cover up what the Jews have done to hide the situation as the Jews turn everywhere they go into a shit hole. If you believe even half of what he’s said he’s done he’s been everywhere and has done everything. Is he lying? I don’t know but a very large amount of the time you can not count on Jews to tell the truth. Most everything they utter has some little twist of propaganda or bullshit thrown in. It’s so incessant I have come to believe it’s like a genetic nervous tic that they can’t control.

    They are doing the same in the US that they did in Germany. Jews are the ones funding, promoting and providing support for BLM and antifa. It’s no surprise, or shouldn’t be, that the people attacking Kyle that got their asses shot off were Jews.

    Hell the Jews are even using the same flag they used in Germany to try and take it over with commies so they could kill off the Germans like they did the Russians. Everywhere the Jew commies did take over they immediately started massacring the fuck out of people. Even though the Germans lost the war I have no doubt that they lost less people fighting off the Jews in war than they would have if the Jews had taken them over like they did in Russia.

    There’s nothing to be done about this but throw the Jews out, again, it’s the only thing that works with these psychopaths, as they will never stop agitating to overthrow governments and kill off everyone who doesn’t want to be their slave. It’s their own damn fault for continuing to behave this way for thousands of years. They have some sort of genetic disorder where they can not live in peace with anyone. They always have to totally dominate them or they are not satisfied.

    And don’t bother to complain that I’m antisemitic, first it’s Jews I hate not semites and second it’s as if you had a red neck in a suburb playing country music at full blast at three o’clock in the morning, firing off shotguns every hour and then complaining that people are racist and don’t like red necks because people called the police on them. And the Jews are even worse than this as they destroy the whole damn country.

    We need a Hitler.

  20. RLVC says:

    Sam, I protest.

    The full realization of the free market, specifically, and human liberty, generally, is achieved only when all food production is owned by three agricultural gigacorporations, all communications media proceed with the permission of five technological teracorporations, and all circulating dollars are owed ultimately to a council of thirteen banks in New York.

    If you disagree with this you are evil and un-American. This is who we are.

    We will deal with you and your opinions when the time comes.

  21. RLVC says:

    Sam, I protest.

    The full realization of the free market, specifically, and human liberty, generally, is achieved only when all food production is owned by three agricultural gigacorporations, all communications proceed only with the permission of five technological teracorporations, and all circulating dollars are owed ultimately to a council of thirteen banks in New York.

    If you disagree with this you are evil and un-American. This is who we are.

    We will deal with you and your opinions when the time comes.

  22. Sam J. says:

    “If you disagree with this you are evil and un-American. This is who we are.”


    I think all the things you listed have already happened for all practical purposes.

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