Seven reasons why police are disliked

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Randall Collins casts his sociological eye at why police are disliked and finds seven reasons:

  1. Police are used for collecting fines for municipal budgets.
  2. Police are used for enforcing unpopular regulations.
  3. Police dislike defiance.
  4. Police dislike property destruction.
  5. Adrenaline overload and forward-panic attacks on unresisting targets.
  6. Police training for extreme situations.
  7. Racism among police.


  1. Bruce Purcell says:

    Cops don’t kill people for a living. Cops bully people for a living. And that’s if they are good cops.

  2. Carl says:

    Number seven should be replaced with: “The media”.

  3. Bomag says:

    Might also consider the government worker–taxpayer divide.

    My community is highly critical of local police, because they are seen as do-nothing time servers.

  4. Phil B. says:

    The Police … hard on soft targets, soft on hard targets.

  5. TRX says:

    8. Too many officers used to be the kids who knocked other kids down in junior high and stole their lunch money.

  6. Ezra says:

    Unpopular regulations like issuing a ticket for parking in a handicapped parking spot when you are not handicapped.

  7. Bruce Purcell says:

    TRX, the kids who could use deniable verbal threats well are good material for enforcing traffic laws and keeping the peace.

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