Donald Trump and the Fed-Up Crowd

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Victor Davis Hanson discusses Donald Trump and the Fed-Up Crowd:

To explain the inexplicable rise of Donald Trump is to calibrate the anger of a fed-up crowd that is enjoying the comeuppance of an elite that never pays for the ramifications of its own ideology. The elite media, whose trademark is fad and cant, writes off the fed-up crowd as naïve and susceptible to demagoguery as the contradictory and hypocritical Trump manipulates their anger. In fact, they probably got it backwards. Trump is a transitory vehicle of the fed-up crowd, a current expression of their distaste for both Democratic and Republican politics, but not an end in and of himself. The fed-up crowd is tired of being demagogued to death by progressives, who brag of “working across the aisle” and “bipartisanship” as they ram through agendas with executive orders, court decisions, and public ridicule. So the fed-ups want other conservative candidates to emulate Trump’s verve, energy, eagerness to speak the unspeakable, and no-holds barred Lee Atwater style — without otherwise being Trump.

(Hat tip to Jonathan at Chicago Boyz.)

Berkeley Breathed has his own take:

Bloom County Trump Oddly Appealing


  1. Slovenian Guest says:

    Inexplicable? Hanson is really out of touch.

    Yes, what a shock, that a candidate who doesn’t immediately takes things popular with the Republican base off the table, is surging, who could have only predicted that? Certainly not the GOP!

    Inexplicable to me is the popularity of Hillary, who is an outright criminal, and should be happy not ending up in the big house, let alone the white house! Or ¡Jeb!, who actually married a Mexican woman and goes around talking about how he considers himself bi-cultural, he is one step away from campaigning in a sombrero.

    “Jeb Bush Says He Was Hurt by Trump Remarks About Mexicans. He told MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart that he was herido, Spanish for hurt.”

    What a joke, I guess the two never heard of rape trees? Herido indeed!

    Or just recently on Breitbart news:

    “Illegal immigrants account for about 3.5 percent of the U.S population, they represented 36.7 percent of federal sentences.

    Broken down by some of the primary offenses, illegal immigrants represented 16.8 percent of drug trafficking cases, 20.0 percent of hostage taking, 74.1 percent of drug possession, 12.3 percent of money laundering, and 12.0 percent of murder convictions.”

    Fun fact, if you took Hispanics and Blacks out of the equation, crime in the US would drop 70% overnight, ay dios mio!

    And by the way, Slovenia is also all in for the Donald, people are going nuts, because, in case you didn’t know, his current wife, Melania Trump is from Slovenia! That would certainly put us on the map, if she became the first lady.

    Another fun fact, California alone has now 20 million Hispanics, to put this in perspective: that’s like the population of Sweden, Finland & Norway put together! Or 10, that’s right, 10 Slovenias (which has a population of a mere 2 million), no wonder we have a shooting order on anyone wearing a poncho… lock and load if you hear mariachi music or smell beans!

    It’s strange that nobody ever makes this an argument, as in, isn’t taking in several nation states worth of people enough?

  2. Slovenian Guest says:

    From Does Trump trump? by Angelo Codevilla:

    In the land of the blind, so goes the saying, “the one-eyed man is king.” Donald Trump leapt atop other contenders for the Republican presidential nomination when he acted on the primordial fact in American public life today, from which most of the others hide their eyes, namely: most Americans distrust, fear, are sick and tired of, the elected, appointed, and bureaucratic officials who rule over us, as well as their cronies in the corporate, media, and academic world. Trump’s attraction lies less in his words’ grace or even precision than in the extent to which Americans are searching for someone, anyone, to lead against this ruling class, that is making America less prosperous, less free, and more dangerous.

    And from Could Trump win? by Pat Buchanan:

    The American political class has failed the country, and should be fired. That is the clearest message from the summer surge of Bernie Sanders and the remarkable rise of Donald Trump.

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