Monday, March 19th, 2012

Electronic readers, like the Kindle, are the ultimate brown paper wrapper, boosting sales of women’s romantica:

As with romance novels, romantica features an old-fashioned love story and pop-culture references like those found in “chick lit.” Plus, there is sex — a lot of it. Yet unlike traditional erotica, romantica always includes what’s known as “HEA” — “happily ever after.”


Romance fans were among the earliest adopters of e-reading. Nearly 40% of all new romance books purchased are in digital form, says Kelly Gallagher, vice president of Bowker Market Research. In erotica, the digital portion is that high or higher, he says. It is about 20% for other adult trade genres — except for mysteries, which have recently caught up with romance.


  1. David Foster says:

    The Product Manager for one of the e-readers — I believe it was the Sony version — actually attended the Romance convention a few years ago.

  2. Ross says:

    Interesting story, for your review:

    I saw connections to journalism & media.

    thanks for blog


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