Pro- or Anti-Gun Ad?

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Apparently this is supposed to be an anti-gun ad:

As gun-nut Caleb says, “Seriously, that’s their commercial?”

The only difference between that and a commercial for self-defense is “if the mom had a gun.” Seriously, I’ve seen commercials by gun companies that looked exactly like that, except instead of cowering in fear, the mom pulls out a gun and smokes that fool.


It practically contains all the pro-gun talking points: home invasion, restraining orders not stopping a badguy, and how a badguy with a gun easily kills a defenseless woman.

Seriously, Everytown, thanks! You’ve made a great pro-gun video, and I’ll make sure to show this to people as an example of why they should absolutely be armed in the home. Good job! You should probably fire the person whose idea this was, though.

To be fair, the goal of the ad is to support legislation that will keep domestic abusers from getting guns.


  1. Chris says:

    You mean the legislation that already exists?

  2. Marc Pisco says:

    Chris, those laws don’t work. They want to try passing them again, but harder this time.

  3. Barnabas says:

    The moral is that divorced men should lose their second amendment rights along with their children, houses, and paychecks.

  4. Steve Johnson says:


    Seeing that made me think much more “oh, this guy got divorce raped and he’s pretty pissed off” rather than “oh that poor woman, we have to protect her”.

    If we’re going to leave justice out of the equation entirely — and family courts are literally set up to do exactly that, being courts of equity operating under a bunch of insane premises — then maybe we should think practically. The state set up a huge apparatus for pissing off the more dangerous sex. If the court decisions are so fair, then maybe they should appoint a bailiff to live at her house full time.

    Generally people accept decisions that go against them if they have some trust in the fairness of the process. That they don’t either says that the person is a villain of the worst type or that they’ve lost trust in the fairness of the process.

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