Most regimes would have great difficulty killing large numbers of people quickly and procedurally

Sunday, July 17th, 2022

The “hogtie, throw to the ground, and shoot in the back of the head” approach to killing people was popular with both the Soviet Cheka and Nazi Einsatzgruppen:

The innovation that the CCP has adopted is to involve a large proportion of their police and judiciary in the process as directly as possible. […] Western governments generally take great care to insulate law enforcement personnel from state-sanctioned killing. The environment and process of an execution is controlled, clinical, and highly restricted. Very few cops ever see the inside of a death chamber. In PRC the opposite is true.

When the CCP decides to kill you, they usually do it outdoors, and often in semi-public places. Regular judicial personnel handle identity confirmation and terminal legal dispositions. Multiple officers are required to wrestle the victim to the ground and hold them there. Then another officer walks up with a gun, and bang, lights out.

Once the deed is done and the victim is deceased, or wounded badly enough that death is inevitable, they are often harvested for their organs. The medical personnel who do this are usually conscripted and not told in advance what they’ll be required to do.

At every step of the process the maximum number of personnel from the mainline police and judicial system are used to carry out the killing. Why? It spreads out the complicity by making sure that everybody who could have blood on their hands does. It’s insurance for the CCP.

The CCP knows that the biggest threat to its continued rule is members of its security apparatus deciding not to do their jobs anymore. One of the best ways to ensure that ordinary cops toe the line is to make them a crucial part of your killing machine. The logic is pretty straightforward: if a substantial fraction of your armed police have directly participated in “social cleansing” of undesireables like petty drug abusers, liquidation of badly-behaved members of minority groups, or outright political murders of people within the CCP hierarchy, it’s not particularly difficult to convince them that regime change would result in them being afforded the same treatment by whomever seizes power.

It’s also a technique for building a certain kind of very evil state capacity. Most regimes would have great difficulty killing large numbers of people quickly and procedurally, but not the CCP. They have a paramilitary police force that can conduct executions at scale. There’s no dedicated roving death squad, no group of commandos drugging people and dropping them out of airplanes, no warehouse-sized gas chambers, no mass graves. Just cops, judges, Maoist collective action, small arms, and crematoria.

Routine, in other words.


  1. Lu An Li says:

    Worked with a man who had witnessed an execution in China. He was a boy at the time from a small farming village. The procedure he said was very precise.

    1. Before dawn the communist cadres went around from door to door telling everyone to muster in the village square and now.

    2. Everyone was mustered, assembled, waiting, not knowing what was going to happen.

    3. A police van pulled up, three cops dragged a tied man out of van and placed him on the ground kneeling, two of the cops holding the man firm in arm bar wrestling hold.

    4. The communist head cadre then announced this man had committed crimes, was an enemy of the people, and would be executed.

    5. The third cop shot the condemned in the back of the neck rapid quick and it was over.

    6. Everyone was told to go home. Never anyone knew who the man was and what he had done.

    The man relating the story said such an even cannot help to impress you.

  2. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Not the first time the idea has occurred to folk.

    When globohomos are given free helicopter rides to the pacific, it will be squishy cuckservatives who are conscripted to do the deeds.

  3. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    In Minecraft, of course.

  4. Wang Wei Lin says:


    …and David French would be their leader.

  5. Gavin Longmuir says:

    Sort of like sending a small army of FBI agents in tanks to burst into a religious compound and burn everyone inside to death, including the children?

    Or maybe like sending an FBI sniper to shoot an innocent pregnant woman standing outside her door?

    Or like sending dozens of heavily armed FBI agents (with accompanying press) to burst into someone’s house at dawn and arrest him?

    The CCP are amateurs! They should pay attention to how a rules-based democracy handles anyone who might not kow-tow sufficiently to the Swamp.

    Although I do like the Chinese custom of taking an occasional corrupt bureaucrat to the local soccer stadium and shooting him. Pour encourager les autres.

  6. Bob Sykes says:

    This is utter nonsense. All news and information about China is controlled by a small number of fanatical anti-Chinese bigots. No government (except maybe ours) rules through terror. Every government has the tacit support of a very large majority of its citizens. Terror is not needed.

    The Red Guards movement represents a breakdown of government, as does the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. These always pass.

    If you believe this nonsense, you are an idiot, and likely a racist bigot. The CPC (use the right abbreviation) has the support of a large percentage of the Chinese people. The people support the government first because the CPC threw off the colonial regime imposed by the Europeans and the US. Second because the CPC engineered the greatest economic revolution in history, raising 800 million peasants to middle class life styles. The also produced the most modern economy in the world.

    P.S. Putin has the same advantages. Some 70 to 80% of the Russian people support him, his government, and the SMO.

  7. VXXC says:

    ____ spreads out the complicity by making sure that everybody who could have blood on their hands does. It’s insurance for the _____

    Nothing new.

    There are other ways to kill besides direct violence. You can go Green, the color of Irish.

    In Ireland 1847 it was done by the system of rents being 40 layers of people deep, at the bottom was Paddy and his Potato. When the Potato crop succumbed to fungus it was merely a matter of the next 39 layers going up to the top layer of the Bank of England to collect their minimum payments. The system was called “Rack Rents” and the system created 1 farmer at the bottom, 1 bank of England at the top and 38 layers of rentiers in between. One collected the minimum payments to avoid being the starving one stepped over in the streets. The system called rack rents is mirrored here in USA , we call it ‘credit’ or ‘student loans’ or ‘refinance mortgage’ and the rest. Ireland had a democracy problem of recently emancipated and rapidly being enfranchised Catholic voters and England solved it – the potato fungus by the way was global but only Irish Catholics starved to death.

    As for “it can’t happen here”: lol…LMAO.

    It is happening, our potato fungus is called shortage of DEF and Fertilizer [Fertilizer a petroleum product]. This breaks the food chain at 2 critical points that can’t be replaced – the food is not grown [yes, already] for lack of fertilizer and the lack of DEF diesel additive breaks the food distribution system.

    In case that doesn’t work the increased interest rates of already inflated money is a backstop, the actual value of the money is very low if Mr. Market takes notice – and Mr. Market is the Government aka the Federal Reserve and can take notice at any moment.

    So you see America we are going ‘Green’ = Irish.

    Ye are all Irish now.

    LOL, LMAO.

  8. Jim says:

    VXXC, your description of the Irish economy of 1847 is remarkably similar in form to any honest description of the American economy circa 2022… except that in America there is proportionately much less primary production.

    Thank you, Die Kapitalisten.

  9. Altitude Zero says:

    The people who are willing to make apologies for the CCP amaze me. The CCP is probably the most blood-soaked organization on Earth, with 65-70 million deaths to its credit. Just because our government sucks (which it does) doesn;’t mean that China is any better. Also, the Republic of China government of the 1930′s and 1940′s was not a “colonialist” regime — they were in fact vehemently anti-colonialist, which is one of the reasons that the Roosevelt admin liked them so much. Parrotting CCP such as that anyone who criticizes China is “racist” doesn’t help anyone, least of all China.

  10. Contaminated NEET says:

    The Chinese government was a nightmare 50 or 60 years ago, no question. But is it so bad today? The people who tell me it’s so terrible and that I have a moral duty to despise it are the same people who lie to me as a basic bodily function while destroying my freedom, my prosperity, and my future. Meanwhile, the Chinese government, for all its problems, has delivered more prosperity to more people than any other organization in history, and it seems to have more genuine legitimacy with its subjects than the US government has with its own.

    In any event, good, bad, or indifferent, the Chinese government is a matter for the Chinese people, and I’m content to leave it to them rather than foam with outrage an enemy my self-proclaimed masters have designated for me.

  11. Gavin Longmuir says:

    Contaminated NEET: “The Chinese government was a nightmare 50 or 60 years ago, no question. But is it so bad today?”

    That is an excellent point. Unfortunately, it seems that the Ruling Clique in the West is stuck in the past, fighting enemies that are long gone.

    When the USSR and the Warsaw Pact collapsed, the reasonable course for the West would have been to terminate the now-irrelevant anti-Warsaw Pact NATO and try to build relationships with all of the former Eastern Bloc states, not just the likes of Lithuania. But “Our Guys” chose to treat Russia as an enemy, as if it was still the old USSR.

    At the same time, probably part of the reason for bringing China into the World Trade Organization was to build up China as a future ally against designated enemy Russia. “Our Guys” completely under-estimated how effectively China would use that opportunity to industrialize.

    Then “Our Guys”, especially the Democrats, screwed up so badly that they pushed China and Russia into a partnership in opposition to the US, NATO, and the West.

    So now we in the West have created a joint opposition we cannot beat — dependent as we are on Russia for essential commodities and China for essential manufactures.

    All because “Our Guys” insisted on treating Russia as an enemy instead of offering the hand of friendship. Totally different from what the then leaders of the USA did after WWII with the Marshall Plan. Well, it is too late to regret the path not taken; now we just have to suffer the consequences of our own stupidity.

  12. Contaminated NEET says:

    “now we just have to suffer the consequences of our own stupidity”

    “We” is another one of the lies that “they” use to control me. It wasn’t my stupidity that pushed Russia and China together, and the hubris-drunk “experts” who did it won’t be the ones who suffer the consequences. No, the consequences will somehow wind up falling on me and and people like me. Then they’ll demand I sacrifice for the flag they make a such a show of dragging through the mud. Well, they can forget it.

  13. Szopen says:

    The question of the China regime is very interesting and is related to many other similar relationships between states, institution and people. Should you care about the past of the people you interact with, especially when they refuse to condemn or even admit they did something wrong? If the current US elite would just stop doing things you dislike, but would refuse to even admit they did anything wrong — would you let them do?

  14. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


  15. Contaminated NEET says:

    “If the current US elite would just stop doing things you dislike, but would refuse to even admit they did anything wrong — would you let them do?”

    They’re in charge, either way; it’s not up to me to “let” them do anything.

    But you’re right, I wouldn’t be quick to forgive and forget. However, in your hypothetical situation of a reformed US elite, if some Chinese person in China were furious about the US government’s past crimes against the American people and demanded firm action from his government, press, and corporations to punish the current US government for those crimes, I’d be pretty sure he was a propaganda puppet.

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