Bush was a prodigy of all-aroundness

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Steve Sailer looks back at George H.W. Bush‘s life:

A massive but usually overlooked theme in George H.W. Bush’s career was his goal of reversing 1938 and opening Mexico up to American business interests (in return for which America took some of Mexico’s surplus population off its hands).


WWII: Bush joined in the Navy in 1942 upon graduating from prep school. When he finished his training and was commissioned in June 1943, he was the youngest aviator in the Navy at age 18. He flew 58 combat missions in the TBM Avenger torpedo bomber, which was much improved over the TBD Devastator torpedo bomber that was wiped out at Midway. Still, any torpedo bomber was a big, slow target, and Bush got shot down by anti-aircraft fire once. He parachuted into the Pacific and was rescued by a sub after 4 hours.

In general, Bush was a prodigy of all-aroundness: e.g., after the war he graduated from Yale in 2.5 years while being captain of the baseball team and making it to the College World Series final twice. Bush was married at 20 and a father at 22. Overall, Bush was a superior individual without being supreme in any one aspect, rather like previous GOP previous Gerald Ford, whose record as the longest lived President he recently exceeded. (Jimmy Carter will likely break Bush’s age record early next year.)


  1. Bob Sykes says:

    The back story to Bush’s rise is probably as revealing as Obama’s back story. Both are likely products of the Deep State/Cabal.

    However, Bush was a patriotic American back when it mattered and had real costs. Obama was and is a total fraud and, as Dr. Sanity once pointed out, a malignant narcissist.

    Bush evaded the fate of his crewmates when his torpedo plane was shot down. Oddly enough, I can’t find their names. But this story of Japanese cannibalism has several citations:


  2. SRC says:

    According to James Bradley in the book Flyboys, Bush’s crew that day were John Delaney and Ted White, Ted White volunteering to fly in place of Bush’s normal gunner, Leo Nadeaua ,as it would be one of Ted’s last opportunities to fly with his friend George before he “shipped out”.

    He does not indicate the fate of the crew other than they did not survive. Much of the book talks about the abuses, executions, and cannibalization of the prisoners on the island of Chichi Jima, the same island Bush was bombing when he was shot down. All he says is “witnesses reported two chutes, one of which was Bush’s.”

    Assuming one or both crewmen survived bailing out of a burning plane, it is reasonable to believe they were executed and even cannibalized.

  3. Harry Jones says:

    Sorry, but I’ll always remember him as the “read my lips” guy.

  4. Kirk says:

    However he is remembered, it should include his dangerous naivete and incomprehension of what the Democrats would do, once he acquiesced to raising taxes. They casually put that on the plate during crisis negotiations, he surrendered on the altar of bi-partisanship, and put the Clinton crime crew into office. That ineptitude is going to shadow everything else remembered about him, in the years to come. Patrician decency does not work when dealing with opportunistic scum.

  5. Harry Jones says:

    Everyone’s saying nice things about him because he’s dead, and they prefer him that way. Once he’s buried they’ll knock it off and get on with whatever.

    But it could be worse. People didn’t even say nice things about Hitler when he died. I can certainly say one kind thing about Bush: at least he wasn’t Hitler.

    Is it too soon to diss John McCain?

  6. Kirk says:

    John McCain deserved evisceration and excoriation, long before his death. I suspect that his brain cancer held off as long as it did out of professional courtesy.

    McCain vies with few others for a reason why I cannot bring myself to become an active member of that party. So long as he and his fellow defeatist members of the Permanently Sanctified Incumbent Party members run the joint, we are doomed as a republic. It will just take slightly longer than if we hand the whole thing over the operators of the Express elevator to hell that is the Democratic Party of today.

  7. Bomag says:

    “It will just take slightly longer than if we hand the whole thing over the operators of the Express elevator to hell that is the Democratic Party of today.”


    Problem is that political Hell, aka centralized control by sociopaths, is at the bottom of a slope that the majority eventually slides.

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