Travis Tomasie on Mythbusters

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters try to shoot and reload rapidly. Then they bring in an expert:


  1. Slovenian Guest says:

    Everyone has to check out the Internet Movie Firearms Database Mythbusters section. It lists all guns used on the show with the corresponding myth.

    My personal favorite is the Bullet Proof Water Myth. Conclusion: do dive into water if you’re being shot at, and do bring a gun to a knife fight!

    There is also a whole sub-reddit to share and discuss fan-edits of Mythbusters episodes. These streamlined edits run shorter because they are missing teasers, cartoons, flashbacks, repetition, idents, history lessons, fun facts, “we’re experts”, and anything else that slows down the show. Like the Star Wars fan re-cuts but for Mythbusters.

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