Victims and Offenders

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Lawrence Auster contributed to FrontPage Magazine until 2007, when he shared some rather shocking statistics in its pages:

To see the real truth of the matter, let us take a look at the Department of Justice document Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005. (Go to the linked document, and under “Victims and Offenders” download the pdf file for 2005.)

In Table 42, entitled “Personal crimes of violence, 2005, percent distribution of single-offender victimizations, based on race of victims, by type of crime and perceived race of offender,” we learn that there were 111,590 white victims and 36,620 black victims of rape or sexual assault in 2005.

(The number of rapes is not distinguished from those of sexual assaults; it is maddening that sexual assault, an ill-defined category that covers various types of criminal acts ranging from penetration to inappropriate touching, is conflated with the more specific crime of rape.)

In the 111,590 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was white, 44.5 percent of the offenders were white, and 33.6 percent of the offenders were black. In the 36,620 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was black, 100 percent of the offenders were black, and 0.0 percent of the offenders were white. The table explains that 0.0 percent means that there were under 10 incidents nationally.


  1. Real Gary Seven says:

    File not found. Probably removed as a Hate Fact.

  2. Slovenian Guest says:

    Or how, I can’t remember who, boiled it down:

    “The rate of black women being raped by white men is so low it cannot be represented down to the tenths place as a percentage of overall rapes and is therefore either zero or extremely close to zero.”

    That was referring to the newer 2007 tables.

    But hey, who are we going to believe, the msm or our own lying racist eyes?

    Also the “deaths per day” number of the ongoing black on White crime wave is so high, it could easily be it’s own entry on the United States military casualties of war wikipedia entry. It’s in fact your deadliest conflict since the Vietnam War! As a White person you were statistically safer on a tour of duty in Afghanistan & Iraq than at home in Philadelphia for example…

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