Tailoring Is the Secret of the Well-Dressed

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Spending $40 to tailor $79 pants feels wasteful:

The result: American closets are brimming with ill-fitting clothes.

Tailoring is the Secret of the Well-Dressed


  1. Faze says:

    Listen, just get a plain, charcoal grey Brooks Brothers suit. They’ll tailor it for you. Stay away from department stores, designer suits, discount men’s warehouses. You can get a good suit at Brooks for six hundred bucks, or so. But don’t be afraid to spend more there for a better quality charcoal grey suit. That Brooks suit — with white or blue button-down shirt and striped tie — will make the right subliminal impression on the people you need to impress — trust me.

  2. David Foster says:

    I got a Brooks Brothers suit a couple of months ago — a bit more than $600 — and it’s working out fine. Many retail outlets, though, don’t have tailors on site, and when tailors are on site, they often have excessively crabby dispositions.

    Maybe the retail industry is missing a bet here — having good fit advisors and tailors on-site could be a solid differentiator against on-line merchants.

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