Monsters University

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

The upcoming sequel to Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.Monsters University, looks back at Mike and Sulley’s days as college roommates:

Scanlon explained that the animators went on several research trips to colleges like Harvard and Princeton to get the right look for the Monsters University campus — a necessity, he explained, because they were a bunch of art school grads who had no idea what actual colleges looked like.

Another key to the movie’s look is the new, younger designs for Mike and Sulley — Mike has picked up a set of braces that are either meant to make teeth straighter or more crooked (Scanlon wasn’t sure how braces would work for monsters) and Sulley is shaggier and thinner than he was in Monsters, Inc.

We got to see some concept art for the various denizens of the university, which includes your standard assortment of cool monsters, nerds, goths, as well as professors of every type, from stuffy English lit professors to artsy theater types to sports-obsessed coaches. If watching the “Homer Goes to College” episode of The Simpsons has taught me anything — and I’d like to think it’s taught me everything — then there better be a crusty dean somewhere around here.

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