Gray Water Package Units from Brac Systems

Friday, November 30th, 2007

I was just discussing a “gray water” solution for guilt-free flushing. Now Lloyd Alter, over at Treehugger, is wondering how long until we’re all using Gray Water Package Units from Brac Systems — or something similar:

The Brac system includes “state-of-the-art components that filter used water from your shower, bath and laundry(*1), and then reuses it for your toilet’s evacuation system. The recycled water, which we will refer to as grey water, is strictly used for your toilet or for irrigation, and cannot get in your drinking-water system.

Foreign particles are filtered, so it is like using normal water, but without having to pay again, while also doing something effective for the environment. Furthermore, once integrated into your existing plumbing, the system operates seamlessly, so the only difference you will notice is on your water bill.”

I asked Chris why they did not include the washing machine as a recommended connection; he said that the sinks and showers generally produce enough water to run the toilets and any excess will just go to the overflow.

I mentioned that in Atlanta there was a big need for landscaping water; he said that if that was the case it would make sense to have the biggest tank and connect the washer to it. He noted that you can also connect your downspouts to it and collect rainwater.

I’m not sure the mass market is going to run out to spend $2,000 to save a little water — especially if water prices don’t go up to reflect low supply and high demand.

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