Neofusionist God of Justice

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Neofusionist, who (a) has lost faith in Google’s blog-hosting, and (b) has lost faith in democracy — and thus is no longer a fusionist — has decided to move his blog and re-dub it, and himself, as Foseti:

When I started this blog, I still believed in democracy — I no longer do. A new fusionism seems superfluous at this point, so the blog needs a new name. I’ll turn 30 in the next year as well, perhaps that’s also worth a change.

I started blogging mostly to keep track of my reading, but lately I’ve seen my blogging pop up in other places. I was honored to be linked to by Mangan and Isegoria and I was happy to get a few comments from C. Van Carter.

The new blog is named after the old Norse god of justice, truth and peace. I couldn’t find a god of justice, truth and order, so peace will have to do.

My first thought was, of course, Ooh, he mentioned me! My second thought was, Wait, isn’t Tyr the Norse god of justice? Yes, but Forseti is the Norse god of peaceful justice:

Forseti was considered the wisest and most eloquent of gods of Asgard. In contrast to his fellow god Tyr, who presided over the bloody affairs of carnal law, Forseti presided over disputes resolved by mediation. He sat in his hall, dispensing justice to those who sought it, and was said to be able to always provide a solution that all parties considered fair. Like his father Baldr, he was a gentle god and favored peace so all judged by him could live in safety as long as they upheld his sentence. Forseti was so respected that only the most solemn oaths were uttered in his name.

I’m assuming it’s sometimes spelled without the r.

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