Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves and yet the country has run out of gasoline

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves and yet the country has run out of gasoline:

The socialist government has lost the capacity to extract oil from the ground or refine it into a usable form. The industry’s gradual deterioration was 18 years in the making, tracing back to then-President Hugo Chávez’s 2003 decision to fire the oil industry’s most experienced engineers in an act of petty political retribution.

The near-total collapse in the nation’s oil output in the ensuing years is a stark reminder that the most valuable commodity isn’t a natural resource, but the human expertise to put it to productive use.


“Drivers who operate gas-powered busses prefer to keep them parked so that they can suck out the gas and later resell it,” says Andrés, a public bus operator in Caracas, who asked that we only use his first name.

“[My] bus runs on diesel. It uses 16 [or] 17 gallons daily. Nowadays, we have to wait in a long line to fill up,” he said. “The gas stations even have national guards who ask for bribes before they’ll fill up the tank because the 40 liters that the government gives us isn’t enough.”

Andrés is allowed special access to fill up his tank because he provides an essential city service. But earning the equivalent of just $200 a month, he struggles to make ends meet. So he keeps his bus parked and extracts gas from the tank to resell on the black market, earning about $8 per gallon. To put that into perspective, the average Venezuelan subsists on less than $10 per day.

The little gas that is still available comes via periodic shipments from Iran. But the Venezuelan government doesn’t officially charge at most gas stations. It uses a quota system, so filling a tank can mean waiting in line for days.

David is a mechanic living in Caracas. These days he’s making a living by waiting in line to fill up his tank and then extracting the gas to resell on the black market.

“My business isn’t selling gas,” David says. “It is meeting the needs of my customers.”

“A lot of the clients from my repair shop are elderly people — people who can’t be standing in line for eight hours, or two days, or three days, or a week. I am the person who is sacrificing my time. Clearly, I have to charge for my time. We all have to make a living.”


  1. Lu An Li says:

    Much of that oil tar sands. Hard to extract and hard to refine.

    That oil easier to extract too of a nature so I believe hard to refine. Refineries capable of processing VZ oil located in the USA mostly. Although that might have changed. To be expected too. Oil companies USA explored and developed the VZ oil fields.

  2. Jagra says:

    The article starts with a grossly false premise offered as explanation, “…the socialist government…” It implies that somehow the cause of Venezuela’s troubles comes all and only from the form of government.

    I find this absurd on its face.

    Norway’s “socialist government” has amassed the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund and has created an extraordinary society.

    Venezuela’s problems arise from corruption before Chavez and since Chavez.

    Corruption can infect any form of government.

  3. Gavin Longmuir says:

    I have met some of those Venezuelans who were fired from the Venezuelan national oil company by Chavez — smart intelligent educated people. However, when Chavez fired them, he put them on a blacklist which made it almost impossible for them to get any other job in Venezuela in any industry. Most of them had to leave the country to find work and stay alive. Where are those “human rights” activists when you need them?

  4. Kirk says:

    Socialism never has the effect of “benefiting” a populace that embraces it. Instead, it is a mechanism whereby the con artists espousing it use its supposed benefits as a lever to gain or maintain power.

    And, eventually, the internal contradictions of it all wind up destroying the system. It’s a notable thing that none of the “socialist theorists” from Marx on down have actually left us a working legacy in the form of some “company with socialist principles”, or much of anything else besides volumes of turgid theory and philosophy that never quite pan out in reality.

    Socialism is basically a mechanism for domesticating human beings and turning them into so many baaing sheepsies at the beck and call of their masters. Every benefit has a price, and that price is autonomy and agency. The health care may be free, but the price paid for it is that there’s now a committee of do-goodnik jobsworthies interposing themselves between you and your doctor, who may just decide that your life-saving operation or medical care simply isn’t cost-effective for “society”. Or, that the asshole down the street, who’s never contributed a day’s work to the betterment of all, deserves a new liver after a lifetime of alcohol abuse, which you’ll get to help pay for. Partially by forgoing “little things” like a new hip for your mother, who worked all her life diligently as a teacher.

    Humans don’t do big hierarchy very well over time. It all breaks down inevitably, and the bigger the edifice, the worse the breakdown. The Romans succeeded in turning most of Europe into a vast latifundia for their nobility, and the price paid was that when Empire crashed, it took all the domesticated animals that had formerly been human with it. Instead of scads of little hard-to-govern tribes of independent-minded Celts, they had a monolith of urbanized quasi-Romans who couldn’t quite take care of themselves, and had lost the habits of mind to even be able to do so. Result? Centuries of chaos and disorganization as all those groups of people discovered that big is bad, and small actually works out better along the long road.

    It will prove the same with socialism. Everyone points to the Scandinavians, saying what a great deal they have going–Forgetting two things: One, the Scandinavians are actually pretty good at organizing themselves in the first place, and that they’ve got a solid base of industry and resources to manage prosperity from, plus well-educated citizens. What works there, ain’t necessarily going to work anywhere else–And, given the Swedish experience, likely won’t work there, either. Norway would still be a provincial backwater, reliant on fishing and tourism, were it not for all that oil.

    Eventually, the money runs out–That’s the lesson of every petroleum-based socialist regime the world ’round. Happened in Iraq, happened in Iran, and happened in Venezuela. The happy idiots never bother to do the maintenance on the equipment, or invest in the upkeep and logistics necessary to keep the fields running. Happened in Russia, as well–A huge part of why they collapsed in the nineties was due to the oil industry running on fumes, due to a lack of upkeep and maintenance since Czarist times. The guys who went into Baku and the other major oil centers after the fall of the Berlin Wall were stunned to find infrastructure and equipment that had not seen capital improvement since the early 1900s, and you can thank your wondrous “socialism” for why–Capital improvement and maintenance are never priorities, and it’s always someone else’s problem to fix. So long as you make your report, you’re golden. Never mind that the refinery blew up or quit working…

    But, the siren call ever goes on and on. The sheep listen, lulled by the envy of their betters, into thinking that the new shepherds will lead them into grassy meadows instead of the slaughterhouse, but that never quite comes to pass…

  5. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    Wherein the main feature and point of socialism is explained – the serfdom is the feature, not a bug.

    “Socialism is basically a mechanism for domesticating human beings and turning them into so many baaing sheep at the beck and call of their masters.”

  6. Wang Wei Lin says:


    Norway disagrees with the ‘socialist’ label.

  7. Jim says:

    This is all the fault of socialism because everything is all the fault of socialism. Socialism is how value is destroyed, as opposed to capitalism, which is how value is created. It is an iron law of nature that an entity whose customers are its owners is doomed to fail, whereas an entity whose owners are not its customers is destined to succeed. When an entity is held-accountable to its shareholders, this is good, and when an entity is held-accountable to its customers, that is evil. This is the way that things have always been, and this is the way that things will always be. Socialism does not work and can never work, and it is the duty of the state authorities to very carefully monitor your communications and transactions in order to ensure that you do not attempt to take concrete steps to immanentize another socialist genocide in the land of the free and home of the brave. Return to your quarters, citizen, you are not permitted to see other people at this time. You agreed to waive arbitration; you consented to the terms of service; you will not be refunded but at our sole discretion. Namaste.

  8. Alistair says:

    Scandinavia got Rich before it got Socialist.

    People don’t know econ history 201, and the left is in no rush to correct them, so Scandinavia gets held up as a “successful” socialist state. In practise, they were pretty hardcore capitalists all the way through the 19th and 20th century, an only in the late 1960′s did serious amounts of social democracy become instituted. By that stage, countries like Norway and Sweden already had some of the highest GDP/Capita in the world.

    Interestingly, it was about this time that their long term growth rates dipped. Catchup effect? Maybe.

    The second thing about Scandanavian “socialism” is that it is very work-and-family focussed; the welfare is there to train you, get you into work and keep the kids out of your career. Tax credits, Child benefits, and unemployment contributions are tied into a system of workfare that would make Bill Clinton proud.

    The Third thing is, Scandinavia is all high trust countries with the typical northern bonus for social capital. Their politics is downstream of culture.

  9. Kirk says:

    Can’t tell if Jim is being facetious, or whose side he means to be taking.

    I will say this, though–If someone can point to a case of successful socialist society that didn’t live off the accumulated fat of a former traditional economic system, or which isn’t a subset of one, I’d be fascinated to know what it was and when it happened.

    Hasn’t been one, that I’m aware of. I also know of no lasting legacy of a socialist theorist, as in some company or institution they set up along their espoused principles. Even Engel, Marx’s bankroller, wasn’t stupid enough to implement his ideas inside his own company, which he ran pretty much along robber-baron lines.

    Socialism is sadly against macro-level human behavior; micro-level, like within families? It’s at least somewhat workable, until the kids grow up and need to move out on their own.

    The root attraction of it all is that the average socialist refuses to grow up, and stand on their own feet. They want mommy and daddy to take all the risks, and do all the hard work, while they are coddled and cossetted throughout life from cradle to grave. It’s no accident that socialist societies have dramatically lower fertility rates–There aren’t any opportunities for the kiddoes to grow up and get out on their own, so they never do. This is by design, and why none of these things work out over the long haul, world-wide. Socialism is a trap for domesticating human beings, and the thing to do when someone proffers a trap is ask “Why are you doing this, and who benefits from it…?”. No matter where you go, it ain’t you.

    Do note that one of the wealthiest men in Nazi Germany was dear Adolf, along with his coterie of criminal co-conspirators. Same-same in Venezuela–Chavez’s daughter is now one of the wealthiest women in the world, worth around 4 billion dollars. Can you name anything that these parasites produced that was worth that…? Other than that seminal work, Mein Kampf, of course, which Hitler forced everyone in Germany to buy. Hell, the chiseling bastard charged the German Post Office royalties on his image for the stamps with his portrait that he made them create…

    Socialism is a con job, from start to finish. If it actually worked, anywhere, there’d be some evidence of it, but all the adherents to its sorry philosophy can say is that “the capitalists sabotaged it…”, as if there were Rockefellers and Carnegies at Plymouth Rock when those Puritan idiots tried putting collective ownership theories into practice. They starved, even cannibalizing young teenage girls, until they figured out that dog don’t hunt.

    I don’t mind the idealism, but what I really loathe and despise is the utter refusal to examine and learn from the evidence of history. Every time this crap has been tried, going back to the various early Christian cults that tried holding all property in common back during the early days of the church, the ideas inherent to socialism have resulted in starvation, privation, and want. Why? Because, sadly, they’re the ideas of the hive, and humans are not insects. We’re greedy, selfish, nasty, and brutish–Any society or philosophy that doesn’t take that into account is doomed to failure. You can’t appeal to “man’s better nature”, because he ain’t got none, outside of a few saints who’re usually fully equipped with feet and lower limbs of clay.

  10. Jim says:

    Kirk’s problem is that, because he doesn’t know what capitalism is and what it isn’t, he doesn’t, and can’t, know what socialism is and what it isn’t.

    Capitalism is a maximin utility function run by capitalists with the goal of increasing the value of their capital. The value of capital is identified with equity and is commonly known as “shareholder value”. Capitalists form firms, and to those firms appoint agents, known as officers, bequeathing unto them the consciousness but not the title of capital, charged to carry out the process of maximizing shareholder value. Shareholder value is a function of net income, commonly known as “profit”, which is calculated by the simple financial accounting formula NI = R – C, where NI is net income, R is revenue, and C is cost. Net income, therefore, is a difference relation maximized by maximizing revenue and minimizing cost. In order to maximize revenue, a firm must charge as much as possible, and in order to minimize cost, the firm must disburse as little as possible. In order to charge as much as possible, the firm must “regulate” the supply of its core revenue-generating products or services; in order to disburse as little as possible, the firm must commoditize its complements. In order to regulate the supply of its receivables, the firm may perform mergers, acquisitions, prompt bankruptcies, or lobby the state to impose regulatory burdens on its industry; in order to commoditize its complements, the firm must cause the production of an oversupply of components complementary to its own goods or services. In addition, overhead walks on two legs: labor, in the aggregate, and wagies, in particular, are a cost with no recurring value; therefore, it is morally imperative that the price of labor be driven down to the minimum that the free market will bear, (subsistence), and this noble vision is driven forward by the imposition of a general scarcity of essential goods and services, such as housing, transportation, schooling, medicine, and virgin wives. This is by no means an exhaustive list — shareholder value is, of course, maximized by other means, such as worldwide population lockdowns, making you wear a mask, and the judicious allocation of trillions of dollars of freshly printed dollars to the banks, hedge funds, intelligence agencies, Silicon Valley, intelligence agencies, oil companies, pharmaceutical conglomerates, great landowners, and so on.

    Socialism, by contrast, is anything else, any deviation from this process.

    It is pure evil.

  11. Kirk says:

    I just wonder how the hell he keeps track of which of his sock puppets is talking… It’s amazing how little difference there is between the various identities he posts under, and how little cognizance he has of the fact that his voice rings through loud and clear, no matter what fake ID he posts under.

  12. Jim says:

    I am everyone.

    I am everywhere.

    I am eternal.

  13. Sam J. says:

    “…Do note that one of the wealthiest men in Nazi Germany was dear Adolf…”

    You just completely made that up.

    Notice the Jews here are bashing Socialism yet their whole ethnic system is Socialist to the core but based on and confined to their race.

    A thought what’s the difference between the Swedes having a mostly Swedish Socialist system and the Jews having one? None at all. That’s what. If the Swedes eventually come to their senses maybe they will kick out all the aliens then continue on as before.

    “…Eventually, the money runs out–That’s the lesson of every petroleum-based socialist regime the world ’round. Happened in Iraq, happened in Iran, and happened in Venezuela. The happy idiots never bother to do the maintenance on the equipment, or invest in the upkeep and logistics necessary to keep the fields running….”

    The people you are naming were attacked, sanctioned and were not allowed to buy the necessary equipment to maintain that which they had. Qaddafi certainly was doing well and greatly benefited his people until he was killed by Israel and the US. Now his country is a shithole.

  14. Jim says:

    When “certain powers” froze Venezuela’s international accounts and banned the country from international trade, and the Venezuelans consequently found themselves with empty grocers and no way to maintain their industrial base, I, Kirk, the Boomers, and every libertarian agree: that is socialism.

  15. Jim says:

    I stand with Sam.

  16. Kirk says:

    Awww… Lookit the poor little apologists, blaming the almighty Jew and the United States for their pet fantasy not working out.

    Choices were made by all those resource-extraction funded regimes. Soviet Union chose not to invest in Baku or any of the other existing oil fields, and that was back when they had access. All they wanted to do was loot, which is the key economic activity in any socialist regime–Loot your neighbors, and every legacy left from preceding generations, while getting wealthy.

    Conservative estimates of Hitler’s net worth at the end of WWII place it near 6 billion dollars. Cris Whetton documents it well in Hitler’s Fortune.

    Socialism is weaponized grift, pure and simple. Every socialist economy eventually turns into a bust-out, with the only result being that the average person gets poorer. Note that Venezuela is currently engaged in a Chinese Communist-style “return to free enterprise”. Wonder why.

    Oh, that’s right–The Evul Jooos ™, and their patsies in the United States. If the shit worked, then sanctions from the US shouldn’t create any issues for the wonderful socialist economies, ‘cos they’re so much more bettah, and they shouldn’t need to trade with the nasty, nasty capitalists.

    It’s amazing how supposedly smart people can hold two mutually opposing viewpoints at the same time, and not develop brainlock from the sheer cognitive dissonance involved.

    But, then, anyone espousing socialism isn’t that smart to begin with, so what we have are morons falling for the con, certain that this time, they know which shell the pea is under, or which card is the lady. It’s always interesting to watch the con play out, but not in your own country while you’re living there.

    Ah, well… More proof, I guess, that Cyril Kornbluth was right–The “Marching Morons” thesis was correct.

  17. Jim says:

    There it is again, Kirk advocating socialism draped in the robes of capitalism. “Capitalism is when capitalists are poor,” says Kirk, without apparent irony. Yet if, in Kirk’s fantasy world, the capitalists are really socialists, then are the socialists likewise capitalists?

  18. Gavin Longmuir says:

    Jim — Let’s get the language right. Of course the socialists are capitalists. Socialists take the excess production from the people and invest it in whatever those socialist bureaucrats want to invest in — be it a steel mill or a bird-whacker. Any economy depends on deferring consumption and investing that deferred consumption in something that will help generate more production in the future — aka “capitalism”.

    Think of the huge investments Stalin’s USSR made in manufacturing plants. That was pure capitalism — even if Stalin called the system “communism”.

    When we say “capitalism”, what we usually mean is a system where individuals have personal choices about how much of their own consumption they can defer and about what they can invest that deferred consumption in. In “socialism” or “communism”, the individual has very little choice about those things. A handful of bureaucrats make the choices for everyone. Not so good for the individual, but it provides much better opportunities for graft for the socialist bureaucrat.

  19. Jim says:

    Capitalism is an abstract system, but capital is concrete, and capitalists more particular still. Dummies, dupes, and propagandists argue ad ideologia, but “it is as it does” is the reserve of the learned man. Capitalism is as capital does; capital is as capitalists do; capitalists do as capitalism is. Such is the endless wheel, the perfect trinity, the tripartite engine of value creation. Larry Summers, the third horseman, sweeps silently through the night, sitting atop the gray, speckled steed, his long, blond beard, piercing, blue, white-devil eyes, and delicate, ghostly sickle flashing faintly in the dark, the age’s emissary of capitalism, that purveyor of Levi’s jeans and nylon socks, that reaper of milk and honey.

    A system in which individuals — specifically, individuals who are not capitalists — have “surplus” consumptive power is an inefficiently capitalistic system, a system possessing residual socialistic elements, a system in need of purification. Capitalism is when capitalists are maximally rich, and capitalists are non-maximally rich when there yet persists a delta between the “earned” income of the mean individual and “the cost to live”. This delta, possible only in a non-free market, must trend to zero as fulfillment of the iron law of the tendency of the rate of savings to fall. Only when investments are performing as well as the market will bear has the system sealed its last trickle. Non-capitalists, a.k.a. untermenschen, will no longer be able to achieve the possibility, let alone the choice, of “deferring consumption”: every “earned” dollar earmarked, every “earned” dollar spent. From earth to earth, from ashes to ashes, from equity to equity.

    Gavin refers to material production, mistakenly, as though general material abundance creates value. In fact, general material abundance destroys value. The value of capital is in its scarcity: any gold-bug or crypto-fag will tell you this. That which is abundant cannot be precious, no matter its intrinsic utility. The deranged socialist blowhard, thinking himself a capitalist, moans pitifully into the electronic æther, Why don’t socialists produce? just as, on the other side of the railroad tracks, the capitalist realist, knowing the wei of the world, conveys his quarterly dividend checks to his friendly financial institution and thereby to his bountiful depository accounts.

  20. Jim says:

    (The deranged socialist blowhard is Kirk.)

  21. Sam J. says:

    As for Hitler being rich well I can find easily another site that says he was worth $150 Million and it’s most likely another Jew site so you could probably cut that by an order of magnitude. No one who is a serious person claims Hitler did what he did just to make money.

    Kirk,”…Happened in Russia, as well–A huge part of why they collapsed in the nineties was due to the oil industry running on fumes, …”

    No this was because oil prices crashed. Supposedly this was a planned event in concert with Saudi Arabia to crash oil prices. The idea that no improvement into oil services had been done since the Tsar…that’s the dumbest thing ever. Complete farcical nonsense. One thing you have to keep in mind that if a Jew has his mouth open and is agitating the air he’s most likely lying. Same goes for his fingers on a keyboard. It’s just one big gas-light after another.

    Kirk,”…Soviet Union chose not to invest in Baku or any of the other existing oil fields, and that was back when they had access….”

    1920 “…November 14, the Baku Polytechnic Institute was established, becoming the first institute in Europe and Asia to train engineers in all fields of the oil industry…”

    Ok so no development by commies. Wrong. (I’m not a commie or a hard core Socialist. Mostly I’m pointing out the very, very frequent use of of completely made up stories by Kirk to gas-light. Most of the time I don’t even comment on them but randomly every so often I will spend a few minutes looking and documenting how he just makes shit up and claims to be an “authority”. I would be very wary of any of his war stories as he seems to have been everywhere, done everything and figured out any and all things military. I’m skeptical especially since I frequently catch him making stuff up from whole cloth, having no basis in reality.)

    Jim,”…Socialism is how value is destroyed, as opposed to capitalism, which is how value is created…”

    Nonsense. Reasonable insurance type Socialism where the wealth of the society is spread around more equitably makes for a better country and a wealthier country over all. Jews taking over industries with FED debt and then looting the pension funds, charging massive consulting fees and moving the production to China is hardly a recipe for production for the citizens involved.

    Capitalism always devolves into Oligarchy as we have right now. The reason is profits always shrink due to competition so the capitalist(Oligarchs) always end up monopolizing everything to keep from being overthrown by new entrants.

    One of the reasons Rome fell was the idiot greedy Senators and the rich threw everyone out of work by replacing them with slaves. When it came time to defend Rome all these people cast aside by the wealthy shrugged and ran off. Why should they die for the rich? We are of course doing the same today in WeimAmerika.

    How convenient that the Jews get over $40 trillion in low to zero interest loans from their FED buddies which they then use to buy everything productive. WOW isn’t capitalism great, for the Jews and the connected. They then run everything they buy into the fucking ground or move the production to China for wage arbitrage. All the while pretending people lack creditably for noticing. Well I fucking notice.

    This all gas-lighting by the Jews where we argue over Socialism and Capitalism when the real problem is the psychopathic Jews who parasite off of every single country they have ever been to for thousands and thousands of years. Eventually leading to their expulsion.

    Exodus 12
    35″ And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses; and they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: 36And the LORD gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they lent unto them such things as they required. And they spoiled the Egyptians.”

    Ripping people off from the beginning.

    It amazing to me someone has not completely wiped them out. Most Europeans have mostly just wanted them the fuck away from them. This is the only thing that has saved them. They parasite on nice White people. Let’s see how they work their magic in China. So far it’s been a big bust. They hollow out the west moving power to the east then…they are fucked because many, many people are just like me and have started noticing. When they finally smash the west they will have no where to go. And they will have to go soon. Every single trend of dysfunction pushed by the left and the the Oligarchical monopolist is mostly financed, pushed and corrupted by the Jews. They are the main player in dysfunction, blackmail and corruption. To deny this is to be blind, dumb, stupid and ignorant.

    I also notice building 7 falling the same speed as if only air held it up for roughly 108′. A feat of complete impossibility without some sort of demo.

    How can you tell that this whole argument put up by Kirk and Jim are gas-lighting? Simple. Both Socialism(actually Communism) in it’s extreme in Russia was used to take over Russia and loot it and the extreme of Capitalism in the USA and elsewhere was used by the Jews to take over and ruin everything. It’s all a fucking big gas-lighting lie.

    The real truth is moderate sharing of the wealth, Socialism, is beneficial for a country overall except for a few billionaires. As long as you don’t let the Jews run it. The Jews are the problem.

    Let’s see what the Jews do about Russia. Russia has recently paid off every dime of it’s debt and will no longer allow the Jews to run their central banking system. Qaddafi did the same didn’t turn out well for him. I’m not so sure the Jews can do the same to the Russians.

    Countries that run their own central banks and are not complete idiots like in Zimbabwe do excellent because they can pour money into productive enterprise. Capitalism with capital for the masses instead of lining the Jews pockets. Examples are Japan and China where they are Socialist but are hardly all living in chicken coops or vans like so many people are forced to to in California.

    We keep going on about how the Jews have done this or that but the answer is relatively easy. The Jews as a group appear to be or are at least undeniably the same in function as a tribe of psychopaths. I’m not saying all Jews are psychopaths but it’s undeniable that the effect of a mass of Jews moving into your territory can in no way be distinguished from a tribe of psychopaths moving into your territory. This is fairly impossible to deny with all the cascade of abuses by the Jews and the echos of “every single time”. It is self evident.

    That being the case we need to get beyond describing the Jews or categorizing their abuses and get to the what to do. We’ve tried every thing. Conversion, special laws, all sorts of incantations for thousands of years but the only one that has worked 100% of the time is to get rid of them. Deport them and allow them no say so in your finances, lives or society by any means. This not surprisingly is what psychologist say you should do about psychopaths in your lives. Get rid of them. We should get rid of the Jews. Peacefully if we can get it but by any means necessary they must go. We should focus all our efforts on getting rid of the Jews and never let them come back.

    If you will keep it in mind that the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths then you will never be surprised at their behavior and many times be able to predict it.

    Getting rid of the Jews has worked like magic many, many, many times in the past. Greatly benefiting the population, raising the welfare of all, making children happy, well fed and content. I believe it would even make clothes cleaner and brighter as living in van precludes cleanliness.

  22. Sam J. says:

    As for Hitler’s billions. They say that his wealth came from his books, image rights and not paying taxes. They also say he gave a lot of money to young married Germans.

    Hmmm…foundation??? Do Jews pay taxes on their foundations?

    Anyways you know it’s bullshit because…

    “…Details about Hitler’s hidden fortune were contained in a will drawn up by the dictator just before his death and discovered by Herman Rothman, a German Jew who worked with British intelligence during World War II…”

    “…If the money were ever found, one participant in the documentary says, relatives of Hitler could conceivably claim a portion – or earn a continuing wage from the Nazi’s image rights.

    The documentary also reveals that Hitler levied a royalty on German stamps that used his image and hid the money away in secret bank accounts…”

    So a Jew finds a “secret will” that is the key to billions of “secret wealth”, that I’m sure the Jew wants out of the goodness of his heart to pay off the blameless Jews and we are supposed t believe him???

    Are you all fools? Imbeciles? Nincompoops? Have you not learned anything from thousands of years of Jews lying to you and ripping you off? If you believe this Jew your mind is full of mush or sawdust whichever is the most turgid.

    It’s all lies and gas-lighting. If you believe anything the Jews say at this point you are severely handicapping your brain of reality. You’d be better off gluing a virtual reality helmet to your head and getting all your information from Anime.

  23. Sam J. says:

    Kirk,”…It’s amazing how supposedly smart people can hold two mutually opposing viewpoints at the same time, and not develop brainlock from the sheer cognitive dissonance involved…”

    More gas-lighting. This is a technique the Jews use frequently. They prop up two opposing systems or ideas but ONLY compare the extremes of any of these ideas while totally ignoring all other ideas that are anywhere in between. So everything that is Socialist is “USSR”, must all be controlled. Every damn thing but we know that many Socialist systems control business so that they will invest in the population of the country and that taxes are used to moderate wealth extremes and THEY’RE DOING JUST FINE. Of course that’s not what you will hear from the Jews. It’s only their warped systems like full commie or full oligarchical capitalism that we get to compare. Nothing in between. I pointed this out about Moldbug who in my opinion is just anther verbally florid gas-lighting Jew and of course I’m told I’m too stupid to understand him but is this true? If you strip away all his verbiage that the autistic are so fond of the basic message is democracy is dumb and monarchy is good because the monarch will have more reason to look after his investment. But they left out the most successful political system ever, the limited voting Republic with broad participation of the public where those with a stake in the system make the decisions. So his whole message is just another lying Jew gas-lighting so they can get a monarch the Jews can bribe to ruin us. It’s all lies.

    Listening to Jews for any information on how to run anything is like listening to industrial noise music and expecting Mozart. It does not compute and is pointless. They lie so much your better off ignoring all advice they give or even better getting rid of them and throwing them out of the country.

  24. Jim says:

    Sam the Unassailable leaves Kirk wordless, drives the breath from his body, snuffs out the light in his soul, leaves him in psychic torment, battered, beaten, broken, alone.

  25. lucklucky says:

    The socialist have a fanboy…

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