More than an Off-Duty Police Officer

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

The “off-duty police officer” who stopped the jihadi knife attack in Minnesota was more than an off-duty police officer:

He owns a firing range and firearms training facility called Tactical Advantage. He’s considered an expert in firearms training and education and has helped teach classes on law enforcement skills at St. Cloud State University for nine years, his company website says.
He’s a member of the United States Practical Shooters Association and has won medals in various shooting competitions.

Yeah, he’s a USPSA shooter. I don’t want to say he’s living the dream, but…


  1. Aurelius Moner says:

    This was a good bit of cheer in the middle of the day. I’m a cleric, so of course, I try not to fantasize about shooting Muzzies all day; I limit that to my evening constitutional. But my dear friend, who is (not a cleric and is therefore) armed to the teeth, often mentions how he’s just waiting for an excuse.

    Some guys have all the luck.

    Then again, a bunch of people got stabbed, which is much worse luck than I or my buddy have had thus far. They should head over to Tactical Advantage, get trained and start carrying – in which case, I sincerely wish them better luck next time!

  2. Lu An Li says:

    It will be suggested if there is a civil suit that the estate can claim the shooter was PREDISPOSED TO SHOOT because of the range, the instruction, etc. The man did not give the villain a fair chance to surrender. It might not play with a jury but I am sure someone will want to give it a go.

  3. JAFO says:

    It reminds me of the pilot who successfully ditched that airliner on the Hudson. For a change, the man on the spot happened to be very well prepared for the crisis and handled it admirably.

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