Civilian Casualties

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

One of the talking points against Israel, Thomas Sowell notes, is that far more Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israeli military attacks than the number of Israeli civilians killed by the Hamas rocket attacks:

Are these protesters aware that vastly more German civilians were killed by American bombers attacking Nazi Germany during World War II than American civilians killed in the United States by Hitler’s forces?

Talk-show host Geraldo Rivera says that there is no way Israel is winning the battle for world opinion. But Israel is trying to win the battle for survival, while surrounded by enemies. Might that not be more important?

Has any other country, in any other war, been expected to keep the enemy’s civilian casualties no higher than its own civilian casualties? The idea that Israel should do so did not originate among the masses but among the educated intelligentsia.


  1. Lucklucky says:

    It is the Media love of death. The Media don’t tell when lives are saved. When an Iron Dome, a timely rocket warning, a nearby bunker protects 1, 10, or 100 from being killed, that is not News.

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