Former MTV VJ Kennedy

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

“Third Wave” MTV VJ Kennedy was the “alternative” VJ. I considered her simply annoying.

Somehow I never noticed — or simply forgot — that she was conservative — and was more or less shunned for it. Now she considers herself libertarian — and hosts an alt-rock morning show in LA, not on the “world famous” KROQ:

When they got around to discussing punk politics, I was hoping for a shout-out to Oingo-Boingo’s “Only a Lad” and “Capitalism”; I was a bit disappointed to hear that Danny Elfman now considers himself a (Hollywood-liberal) Democrat.


  1. Chuck Long says:

    Yeah, I actually just discovered this today, and it’s disappointing. How do you go from young, struggling musician writing about “middle class Socialist brats” in a love letter to capitalism to a rich, powerful composer espousing leftist garbage? What’s the matter, Danny, you worried that some new young punks might have the opportunity to prosper the way you did? What the hell do they put in the water out there that makes sane people insane?

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