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Sunday, January 1st, 2017

I just took a look back at my numbers for 2016. Here are the most popular posts during that calendar year, none of which are new, all of which are older:

  1. Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics
  2. Myostatin, Belgian Blue, and Flex Wheeler
  3. Polar Bear Turns Purple After Medication
  4. Longbow vs. Armor
  5. He-Man Opening Monologue
  6. Observations from Actual Shootings
  7. Fast Friends Protocol
  8. Foux Da Fa Fa
  9. Subversion
  10. What A Good Job Looks Like

Here are the most popular posts actually from 2016 and not from an earlier year:

  1. We Are Not Smart
  2. Made to Want Evil
  3. Waiting Will Get You Killed
  4. We Don’t Care About Experts Anymore
  5. Stop Wasting Money Teaching Millions of Students Content They Already Know
  6. An Idle Class That Can Only Dream
  7. Culturally Tone Deaf
  8. Brutality Can Terminate Riots Promptly
  9. Born and Bred on the Other Side of the European Frontiers
  10. Scott Adams is Insane

Again, I’m not sure what to conclude.

Also, I should thank some of my top referrers: Reaction Times, Free NorthernerPJ MediaOutside In, Z Man (new to the list!)Mapping The Dark Enlightenment, and Borepatch.


  1. Charles W. Abbott says:

    I originally found this site while doing an Internet search for a clear version of “Conquest’s Three Laws.” I probably would have noticed Isegoria eventually in some other manner, but that’s what initially brought me here.

    I look at new posts as they are made. To me, often they aren’t as interesting to me as the ability to follow indexing backwards based on authors or thinkers you have cited, such as Paul Graham, or Pasha Glubb, or whoever.

    So, for me, part of the value here is the cumulated history of the site and the indexing.

    This site has much better indexing than (say) West Hunter. But West Hunter has better commenters — it’s almost like a seminar after it concluded and moved to a bar. Steve Sailer has good commenters, but there are too many monomaniac posers (not just posters) there who don’t add value, compared to (say) West Hunter.

    Aside from an ongoing focus on military affairs, I’m not entirely sure what the “niche” of the blog or the author is. That’s not terrible, but sometimes it helps the blogger build a fan base. For example, Steve Sailer likes to come back to IQ, in part because he has asserted that coverage of it was a target rich environment because reporting on it was so thin and incompetent.

    Thanks for the blog! I will keep coming back.

  2. Terribly sorry for Social Matter not to have been among your best referrers. I think I have found a suitable remedy. Look for great things in 2017. We’ll all be tired of winning I’m sure.

  3. Isegoria says:

    It’s good to see you getting your act together, Nick. (Thanks!)

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