Saturday, January 12th, 2013

A few years ago I mentioned Soviet propagandist Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to the US and then explained — to no effect — how he and his colleagues had been manipulating our schools and media for decades.

When I mentioned this, the YouTube videos of his long, early-1980s lectures were broken up into many separate, short videos. Now, our Slovenian guest has informed me, they’re available in an undivided format:


  1. Wobbly says:

    I like his literal use of the word ‘demoralization’ as removal of morals and not its regular use as removal of spirit. Boyd’s moral warfare also comes to mind.

    Digging in there chewed up a couple of dark hours before the sun came up. I am curious as to what the inverse would be — what are the old-school American set of beliefs and how would one push society to strengthen them?

  2. Anno Domini says:

    This is incredibly fascinating. It now makes sense what’s been happening in America — they’re tottering in the destabilization phase, but because there is no Soviet Union anymore to give them a shove over the cliff, they just walk in circles. Until one day things will become too messed up to be salvaged with some half-measure.

  3. Slovenian Guest says:

    The situation reminds of an episode from The Outer Limits, a nineties science fiction television series:

    “For mankind has been enslaved by an alien race and imprisoned in concentration camps overseen by androids. One woman, Prisoner 98843, dares to challenge the authority of the Commandant. Her desire to be free is pitted against the seemingly invincible alien New Masters. All the prisoners believe the world outside the camp is uninhabitable by humans. Prisoner 98843 discovers that the Commandant and the guards are androids who have received no maintenance for decades and are in desperate need of repair. She mends them from spare parts gleaned from other guards that have ceased to function, and finally forces the Commandant to reveal that the rocket fuel made in the camp is no longer in use by the alien fleet, which has moved beyond earth.”

    “He has received no communication from his superiors for decades, and has maintained the camp regime simply because those were his orders.”

  4. Tschafer says:

    I always suspected something like this was going on back in the Cold War, and all my highly educated liberal (and even moderate conservative) friends told me I was paranoid. Whereas my blue-collar, War Vet Dad always told me that the “damned hippies” were all part of a “Commie plot”. Score: Dad,1, Pinheaded intellectuals,0. Surprise…

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