Who funds Antifa protests? We all do

Saturday, April 29th, 2023

Who funds Antifa protests?. We all do, Andy Ngo argues:

Through a developed network of radical leftist legal groups, like the National Lawyers Guild, lawfare against cities and police departments is the go-to method for payloads. At nearly every left-wing “direct action” or riot, you’ll see NLG “legal observers” move in and out with the mob to record police. This “evidence gathering” is propaganda made to portray the police in the worst possible light while specifically omitting any recordings of what their comrades do.

Independent press are subjected to assault and robbery by others in the group to maintain tight control over the narrative and any photographic evidence. Kyle Seraphin, a former-FBI agent who was assigned to do surveillance in Portland during the 2020 Antifa riots, says the green-hat “legal observers” were linked via radio with the mob and worked as auxiliary counter-surveillance.

Seraphin told me: “My team witnessed several instances of NLG hat-wearing ‘legal observers’ calling out the license plates of suspected surveillance personnel [over] radios — sometimes accurately, sometimes not. These call-outs were met with a response by 5-6 uniformly clad, black-bloc individuals who attempted to intimidate the suspected ‘fed.’ ”

On March 5, an NLG member and staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center named Thomas Jurgens was charged with domestic terrorism for his alleged involvement in a violent Antifa attack on police in Atlanta.

When the NLG’s legal observers and their comrades are arrested, they’re immediately provided with pro-bono legal aid and connections for bail money (rioters often write the NLG’s phone number on their body in anticipation of arrests.)

And then the lawsuits come.

Last year, New York City agreed to pay tens of thousands to NLG members arrested in the Bronx in June 2020.

In Detroit, NLG members are suing the city for alleged wrongful conduct stemming from its police response in 2020.

Nearly every American city afflicted by mass protesting and rioting in 2020 ended up settling and paying out millions in taxpayer money to radical protesters who were allegedly subjected to force by law enforcement.

Denver settled to pay $1.6 million to just seven people.

Austin settled to pay $17.3 million.

The cities, led by Democrats, don’t even bother to fight the cases, preferring to write a check.

The settlement cash doesn’t just end up rewarding the protesters, awarded inflated attorney fees are used to reinvest in the legal groups to grow the operation for the next cause. Additionally, law enforcement morale declines as they are punished for doing their jobs.

But lawsuit settlements aren’t the only way that militant protesters and riot suspects get paid. Bail funds have emerged as a lucrative cash source with progressive district attorneys refusing to prosecute most left-wing riot-related cases.

In Portland, for example, the 2020 riot suspects that needed bail money due to the seriousness of their felony charges later received the cash back when district attorney Mike Schmidt declined to prosecute. I witnessed this creating an incentive for rioters to get arrested, as outside groups covered the bail and the suspect would keep the returned cash when the case was dropped.


  1. Bob Sykes says:

    John B. Quigley, Professor Emeritus at the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, was once president of the National Lawyers Guild, a well known communist front organization. Radicalization of law faculty goes back at least to the 1930′s.

  2. Jim says:

    The present president of the National Lawyers Guild, I was absolutely shocked to find, is one Elena L. Cohen.


  3. Bruce says:

    Democratic party hacks support Democratic muscle doing shakedowns.

  4. VXXC says:

    The War on Police is a power struggle of Centralization, normally against local or State police by the DC Coalition. That these tactics were used against Federal Officers indicates a loss of control and competence, even worse by the Left.

    The most important part of this coalition to destroy local law enforcement’s independence at any cost is the DOJ, specifically the Civil Rights Division. Normally this comes as investigations, media outrage on tap, riots bused in.

    >> The goal is the consent decree. The consent decree is where you bypass due process, the Victims waive their rights, as they must pay for the privilege of being victimized. The funding is key as there is then no recourse to Congress.

    PS. You do realize that the Legal Services Corporation did this for decades already, right? That’s taxpayer funded. For ‘the poor.’

  5. Gargoyle says:

    Russian financing has also been instrumental for over half a century.

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