One does not simply walk away from religious beliefs

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

No, the Revolution isn’t over, N.S. Lyons warns:

One does not simply walk away from religious beliefs. What is called “Wokeness” — or the “Successor Ideology,” or the “New Faith,” or what have you (note the foe hasn’t even been successfully named yet, let alone routed) — rests on a series of what are ultimately metaphysical beliefs. The fact that their holders would laugh at the suggestion they have anything called metaphysical beliefs is irrelevant — they hold them nonetheless. Such as:

The world is divided into a dualistic struggle between oppressed and oppressors (good and evil); language fundamentally defines reality; therefore language (and more broadly “the word” — thought, logic, logos) is raw power, and is used by oppressors to control the oppressed; this has created power hierarchies enforced by the creation of false boundaries and authorities; no oppression existed in the mythic past, the utopian pre-hierarchical State of Nature, in which all were free and equal; the stain of injustice only entered the world through the original sin of (Western) civilizational hierarchy; all disparities visible today are de facto proof of the influence of hierarchical oppression (discrimination); to redeem the world from sin, i.e. to end oppression and achieve Social Justice (to return to the kingdom of heaven on earth), all false authorities and boundaries must be torn down (deconstructed), and power redistributed from the oppressors to the oppressed; all injustice anywhere is interlinked (intersectional), so the battle against injustice is necessarily total; ultimate victory is cosmically ordained by history, though the arc of progress may be long; moral virtue and true right to rule is determined by collective status within the oppression-oppressed dialectic; morally neutral political liberalism is a lie constructed by the powerful to maintain status quo structures of oppression; the first step to liberation can be achieved through acquisition of the hidden knowledge of the truth of this dialectic; a select awoken vanguard must therefore guide a revolution in popular consciousness; all imposed limits on the individual can ultimately be transcended by virtue of a will to power…


  1. VXXC says:

    Jim Jones is the prophet of Woke in every respect.

  2. Longarch says:

    The long march through institutions is indeed long, but the chaos within the USA is greater than the author realizes. There is a basic insight that no one dares speak out loud in public yet: “Woke equals child molester.” The minor premise is: “Society has the duty to defend itself by purging child molesters.” If the USA beats the woke-ist religion, it will not be because of Gallup polls where young people say their support for bisexuality has decreased. If the USA beats the Woke-ist religion, it will be because befuddled CNN reporters will walk, disbelieving, past corpses, asking the crowd, “Why were these people killed?” and the crowd will reply, “We knew they were child molesters because they were wearing the insignia.”

    And perhaps the CNN reporter will say, “Well who hanged them? They didn’t hang themselves.”

    And perhaps the crowd will respond, “Yeah, Epstein didn’t hang himself either.”

  3. Rachel B. says:

    The Woke Left are more religious cultists than the Christians they complain about. They are the ones establishing structural systems of oppression because they are the ones hell-bent on taking over and unifying all institutions. I’ve hardly ever seen someone who is engaging in projection wake up and see it. The woke are the least “woke.” They cannot wake up and see themselves. This is why Yuri Besmenov said that it is not until the boot is on their own neck that they will begin to question Marxism Leninism. And I question if even then.

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