The Canadian Parliament Active Killer

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

When the active killer in Canada turned active, events happened quickly:

Look at the surveillance video again.  Do you see how fast the killer is running?  The entire event including the assassination of Cpl. Cirillo, the carjacking of a government minister, the struggle with an unarmed security guard and exchanging shots with armed security staff and police likely took less than five minutes.  If your only plan is “wait for the police,” you won’t be a player in a scenario like this.  It is likely to be over by the time the cops arrive.

The RCMP witnessed the car jacking and were in pursuit of the killer as he entered the Parliament Building.  They still didn’t get there in time to protect the legislators!  You will be on your own for some time if you find yourself in the middle of something like this.

One other comment I should make is that the killer was running FAST.  If you are thinking “I’ll just run away,” you should probably rethink that plan as well.  Make an honest assessment of your abilities.  Could you outrun the killer?  I know I couldn’t.


  1. Bruce H. says:

    Yeah, if he was after me in particular, running might not help, especially since I walk with a cane, now. But he can’t chase down everybody.

  2. Alien says:

    Statistically, the event is over with a shooter suicide before the cops arrive, or very shortly thereafter.

    Bruce, regarding, “can’t chase down everybody,” he doesn’t have to. The shooter can work within about a 50 yard radius, or line of sight indoors. Which doesn’t take into account ricochets.

  3. Isegoria says:

    The key is that the shooter tends to commit suicide the moment he faces resistance.

  4. Dan says:

    Violent events like this are usually over in a matter of minutes. Frequently before LEO arrive. The attention seeking school shooter….the angry vindictive worker just terminated….this type often commits suicide when cornered, when they have achieved their “objective”, when they lose control of the venue they are in. I would not count on the izzie jihadists taking the self check out lane when they encounter resistance. I would plan on them fighting till they are taken down. Some might give up or kill themselves but their motivation is not attention for themselves but terror for others. That means the highest body count possible.

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