Cat Calls

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

This video depicts a woman walking though New York City and receiving plenty of cat calls:

Naturally, there is no pattern at all to see here.


  1. Taco says:

    No kidding. That was the very first thing I noticed. By my count, all, every single one of the catcallers depicted had a certain vibrancy about them. It is possible that perhaps some non-vibrant catcallers were edited out of the finished video, but I find it highly unlikely.

  2. AAB says:

    Jeez, is this even news? A woman gets complimented by lots of men and followed by a black one (who, un-nerving as it may have been, didn’t actually do or say anything) for a few minutes. What are the odds she wouldn’t be complaining if the guys who complimented her were millionaires of billionaires.

  3. What’s been interesting is seeing this show up about a dozen times among my Facebook pseudo-acquaintances, yet no mention of the obvious, even by way of apologetics.

  4. Isegoria says:

    The Funny or Die riff on this is pretty funny — and lends itself to ironic interpretation.

  5. Isegoria says:

    Scott Adams (Dilbert offers some feedback for feminists with his own personal reaction to the video:

    1. The video is unintentionally racist as hell, and that doesn’t help feminism.
    2. The video editing feels manipulative and turns me off to the message.
    3. It makes women look like idiots for living in such a place voluntarily.
    4. Every man featured in the video is a creep. Isn’t that sexist?
    5. The harassment was mostly in the form of powerless men hurling compliments at a woman that probably has a better job and more education than nearly all of the men in the video.
    6. Remind me again who the victims are?
    7. The creepy stalker guys were just scary. MOVE!!! MOVE!!! MOVE!!!

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