Political Ideology

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Today we attach immense importance to the ideology of our internal politics, Glubb says:

The Press and public media in the U.S.A. and Britain pour incessant scorn on any country the political institutions of which differ in any manner from our own idea of democracy. It is, therefore, interesting to note that the life-expectation of a great nation does not appear to be in any way affected by the nature of its institutions.

Past empires show almost every possible variation of political system, but all go through the same procedure from the Age of Pioneers through Conquest, Commerce, Affluence to decline and collapse.


  1. Spandrell says:

    Is there any way to send you an email?

  2. Dan Kurt says:

    This “book” by Glubb that you are extracting is only a section from the book as far as I know. More than a decade ago I came across something on the internet that said that there was much more in the actual book that was not worth reading but that the part titled “The Fate of Empires” was excellent, if I recall correctly.

    Isegoria, have you the entire book?

  3. Isegoria says:

    I’m afraid I only have the excerpt I found online. It certainly has piqued my interest though.

  4. Isegoria says:

    I haven’t posted a link to my email address, but your first guess is probably correct — my user name at my domain, which is a dot-net domain.

    (I have your blog up on another tab right now, by the way…)

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